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Huku Irish Dancer

he HuKu Irish Dancer is designed for the skater who is into a more casual and particular style of skating. From cross stepping to shovits and pivots.
The board is constructed using vertically laminated bamboo with a triaxial weave fiberglass lamination?.

- Length – 49 ¼”
- Width – 9 ¼”
- Wheelbase – 33”


- Flat grain Bamboo
- Hard rock maple
- Baltic Birch


Three layers of flat grain Bamboo are laminated in a press with triaxial weave fibreglass and epoxy resin, where they stay for up to 24 hours until the resin has set.
The blank decks are then shaped, sanded and finished with three coats of tough hard wearing lacquer and graphics applied.


- Camber
- Concave
- 5 ½” kicks

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Freelance, Full-time
Cathal Sheridan
Designer at www.cathalsheridan.com Dublin, Ireland