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VITA first responders kit

Honours degree project - I.T. Carlow, Product Design Innovation:

The VITA first responders' bag was designed for emergency service personal, from paramedics to Mountain and Sea rescue teams. The bag incorporates materials that make it safer to use and restrict the movement of harmful bacterias.

The bag creates a clear visual for all equipment within the bag and allows for personalization of the bag for each paramedic through the use of removable internal walls.

Within the Vita response bag, there is a scanning system that monitors stock take at all times. This means that an emergency response team should never be without any important equipment.

An app was also developed in the form of a patient care report form.
This form speeds up the transfer of information from the response team to the hospital thus saving valuable time in life threatening situations.

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Cathal Sheridan
Designer at www.cathalsheridan.com Dublin, Ireland