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Illuminated hangsell display for Maybelline cosmetics products
Factise holders that make the brush appear to float
That glow worked out just like the renders :)
Single LED strip illuminates in two directions at once due to prism designed into acrylic shelf
Illuminated single LED strip shelves in store trial.
Covergirl wall unit prototype in construction
Covergirl prototype illuminated. Note vertical LCD displays each side, running CGA content.
3d print test of push feed solution for unusual bottle
Off tool injection moulded sample of push feed solution
Cutlery display prototype
Maybelline prototype in store trial
Maybelline display unit for Woolworths
Plywood ipad kiosks for surf gear company
Cut, slot together and send.
Display frames for backpainted acrylic splashback product
injection moulded hook break test
I re-engineered this Essie stand to halve its production cost. Still looks great!
click together wheel-about beer display for Lion Nathan
Loreal cosmetics table for Target rebranding
Loreal Table
steel and acrylic Loreal table display with LED illumination
Loreal tiered cosmetics table in 10mm acrylic
Permanent and semi permanent POS

Collection of recent POS solutions. All design and engineering detail by myself using Rhino. Customers include Loreal, Maybelline, Stanley Rogers, Essie, Covergirl, Lion

Craig Burton
Industrial Designer Melbourne, Australia