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On pallets ready to be shipped out.
The parts are machined, but still need to be manually removed from plate material.
Here is my MDF assembly jig. Precise geometry makes assembling the clamshells quick and accurate.
Clamshells welded and sanded.
HDPE rubbing strip added. We tested a chunk of this material in the press and it failed at about 8 tonnes concentrated in a 50mm disk. So if anything fails in real conditions it will not be the HDPE.
Outer plates are 3mm aluminium. Here they are, pre rolled and with plug-weld slots machined in very precise positions to locate on the skeleton underneath.
Detail of structure.
Here you can see the pipes meeting. The clamshells are clamped either side of the join white the pipe ends are welded together.
welding clamshells

Client lays pipe across ocean. The steel pipes are welded together end to end, and the client needed a portable jig to hold them in position. This was designed to fit under a weight limitation, and had to withstand enormous pressures from brutal environment.

Craig Burton
Industrial Designer Melbourne, Australia