Indaba Music is a social network for musicians, but to put more nuance on who the users are I build some basic personas to help the team understand which users were using which features, from amateur aspirants to professional musicians.
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Before we began the redesign of our contest platform, I put together a document to help the product team and management understand why it was an important undertaking, asking "Why", "Who", "Where", "What", and "How". [For more detail click in the bottom left corner to download the PDF.]
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The Indaba Music contest platform screens needed to engage different users in different ways, depending on if they were logged out, cookied as members, logged in as members, or participants in that specific contest. In addition, depending on what stage the contest was in (requesting submissions, in voting, after winners were announced), those different users might have a varying experience with the content. This content grid helped define the content and actions required for the different user types. [To see the detail pages, click on the bottom left corner to download the PDF.]
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The core product of Indaba Music is it's contest platform where musicians and remix producers compete for prizes and recognition, and major artists and brands gain exposure for new releases. Although optimized for a computer screen, the page resizes responsively depending on resolution so the layout changes on tablet and mobile devices. I worked on the user experience as well as visual design for this feature.
Opportunity Submission View - The participant in the contest gets a dashboard for each submission that tells him how his track is performing (how many likes, listens, votes, comments it's receiving). They are encouraged to share their submission through easy links to Facebook and Twitter and to their embeddable widget.
Co-branded Facebook App - Pulls media from the Indaba Music contests into the partner's Facebook page, in this case for a remix contest for Linkin Park.
Audio Player Widget - To promote the contest, when a track is shared on Facebook, Twitter, or embedded on any website, the audio can be directly consumed through this branded widget.
Client /partner contest dashboard - Song and remix contests are integral to Indaba Music. The labels and brands we partner with need to have an interface to judge entrants and review stats about the contest throughout its progress.
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Member Dashboard Wireframes-- When logged in, the homepage is replaced by a dashboard highlighting relevant activities about how their contests, sessions, and sales are performing. This wireframe shows different states of the same page, for very active users through brand new to the site. There is also an activity feed.
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Mockup of the Member Dashboard (This is an earlier iteration no longer used on the site).
Indaba Music had a "freemium" membership structure. Originally our checkout page was designed to process membership payments as well as products we sold, but with a 92% abandonment rate, it was clear a redesign was in order! I shortened the funnel by putting the order summary and credit card information on one page, and above the fold. Abandonment dropped to 72%.
Media Library Wireframe - UI for members' media file management system. Their audio and other assets could be uploaded to the site to share with other members or for their own cloud storage. Wireframe created with OmniGraffle.
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Indaba Media Library - Screengrab
Music store widget - Customizable, personalized e-commerce store members can embed into any website. Design is responsive to fit in various widths. These wireframes Includes check-out flow.
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My Store: One of the premium benefits of being an Indaba Member was the ability to sell your music on iTunes or within your own embeddable, customizable store widget.
Sheet music store - Includes filtered search and product detail pages
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Indaba Music Creative Director

Indaba Music is a social network for musicians with a strong loyal membership. In 2009, I was brought on to establish a UX team, design standards, and design processes to help the company evolve from start-up to a branded, fee-based professional opportunity and licensing marketplace. In 2012 we redesigned the contest platform, using responsive design, resulting in a 40% increase of time on the site. Further integrations with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube resulted in 100% increase in customer acquisition, 150% increase is customer retention, 100% increase in traffic to site and 10x increase in distribution of content.

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Cena Pohl Crane
User Experience Design Director Brooklyn, NY