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> Full Scale Tape Drawing
Mid-Engine Nissan GTR-Z Sports Prototype
GTR-Z side view
GTR-Z 3/4 view - 1:8 scale transportation physical model
medium: sealed construction foam & fiberglass/basecoat/clearcoat finish
User environments modeled in Foam and Foam Core - Scale: 1"=1'-0". Product models are full scale and are created by using Ren Shape 450, a medium density polyurethane modeling and styling board. An ideal material for models and prototypes, master patterns, and tooling aids. This material will produce very stable, dimensionally accurate parts with well-defined edges and surface detail.
Boiler Feed Pump - Litigation Model
Boiler Feed Pump - 1/2 Section View - Schematic Illustration
Created with Adobe Ilustrator software.
FlowVex Aeration Prototype - Engineering prototype for environmental water aeration product.
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Industrial Design Concepts and Prototypes

Conceptual mid-engine sports car &
1:8 scale presentation model

Christopher Friends
Designer + Builder Annapolis, MD