Good Leaf Tea - Unpublished work. Designed this project from concept to finish. The idea is to show tea in a way that is both modern and old-fashioned. The illustrations are old botanical drawings but there are subtle modern touches such as text layered over illustrations, tea names in large type, and contrasting-colored logo.
Good Leaf Tea
Good Leaf Tea
Good Leaf Tea
Zone packaging system - Unpublished work. Created from concept to finish. Zone is a home interiors store that sells products from local artists. The name is symbolic and shows the word zone as having multiple meanings, the area in which one lives, the neighborhood in which the artists are from, and the circle in the logo signifies a radius, again, the area in which one resides.
Zone packaging system
Bionic Media bag - Bag for Bionic Media's clients to carry DVD reels and marketing materials.
FIZZ - Packaging for a line of flavored sparkling wines.
ChiWai Lima
Art Director/Graphic Designer Brooklyn, NY