Outback Bowl Visual Identity

The Outback Bowl is a college football bowl game with over 35 years of tradition. They have a long-standing tagline of "Football in Paradise" to promote the temperate Tampa Bay climate to appeal to the target demographics of fanbases located further north.

The brand requirements were limited to the use of the Outback Bowl logo and the maroon and yellow brand colors. The logo is featured due to national brand recognition and combines with maroon main text to achieve this.

A bokeh blue background invokes clear skies and ocean water to let viewers imagine their version of a paradise as the base of the "Football in Paradise" look. That is framed with sand and palm trees to complete the scene. Photography and logos for associated teams are isolated to keep football at the forefront. Additionally, a Lightroom filter adjusts blues to match the bokeh's hue, saturates the brand maroons and yellows, and dims the green of football fields to fade the background and lets the subjects stand out.

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Chris Michalik
Versatile Art Director & Graphic Designer New York, NY