Lounge Chair - Collapsible Lounge Chair
Bent Laminated wood, Anagree Veneer, Mild Steel

Metropolis - Table: Poplar & Paint-acrylic and graphite

Buildings: Plastic and LED's
Metropolis - Buildings: Plastic and LED's
Birds Eye Box - Materials: Birds Eye Maple and Purple Heart.

Size: 1' x 6" x 7"
Spring Lounge - Spring Lounge can hold up to two adults and be sat on in many directions.

You can't sit on it with out a big smile on your face or bursting into uncontrolled laughter.

Made from: Poplar, Upholstery Springs, Paint and Interchangeable Upholstered Cushions.

Size: 6' 3" x 10" x 1'
Floki - Felt Ottoman

Size: 2' 3" x 1' 2" x 1' 3"

Materials: Stainless Steel, 1/2" White Felt, 1/8" Blue Felt & Epoxy
Building Bed - This modern take on a four poster bed lights up to make you feel like you are surrounded by the city.

The Buildings were first hand drawn and then a full size mocked up was done in cardboard. It was then re-drawn in Auto CAD, Laser Cut and welded.

The largest building is about 5.5ft and the smallest about 3ft tall.
Chris Haines
Designer Somerville, MA