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Introduction: This project is the Garden Assistant.
Render made in CAD Solidworks software.
Image 1: This prototype was made in ABS plastic in a 3D printer at the University. The colour scheme was chosen in order to fit in with its surrounds yet also complement the hues and colours used in modern apartment buildings. The green accent draws the users' attention to the hatch component where the components are located.
Image 2: The assistant was designed to house the common garden implements, such as a trowel and spade, as well as having sufficient space inside for potting mix.
The hatch in a full scale prototype would be gas strut activated where as in this prototype model a simple hinge latch was used.
Image 3: This image illustrates the proposed tool location and fitment. There is room to improve this area of the design but due to the construction method of the 3D printing wall thickness had to be increased and material saved in spots to reduce costs.
The prototype also has a wooden insert floor and a removable tray to assist in the removal of any loose dirt,
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Garden Assistant

This project was developed in class as a possible solution to the expansive urban development in our cities.

The Garden Assistant allows those urban dwellers with a green thumb to be able to store/clean and utilise their garden spaces in their units.

By housing all necessary tools and associated components within one receptacle that fits within the modern design of the urban sprawl.

Christian Placanica
Industrial Designer Sydney, Australia