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Image 1: This image shows the final pod form.
It was printed in ABS plastic on a 3D printer and then filled, sanded and primed for many coats of its luftewaffe grey exterior paint.
Image 2: The initial conceptual sketches that lead to the pad type design.
Image 3: The initial forms once initial ideation had take place were then made in foam to assist in both scale and overall form of the design.
Image 4: The lamp utilised a store bought Ikea lamp with LED bulbs as the base. The manufacture pods were then assembled over the bulbs to complete the finished effect.
Image 5: The interior was made from sheets of copper leaf sheet which were over layed so as to aid in the dispersal of light from the LED globes.
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Podz lamp project

This project was created in my second year of University and was designed around the requirements of an organic shape utilised in a lighting project.

The choice of a desk, wall and large free standing lamp was given to groups. My project was the desk lamp and utilised a pod style design with a matte grey exterior with a cooper leaf interior to reflect a soft light effect.

Christian Placanica
Industrial Designer Sydney, Australia