"Pasión por la patria." Design of Alexis Vega inspired by the moment captured of him being overtaken by emotion of hearing the Mexican national anthem before their game against Poland in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
Kyle Vassell of the San Diego Loyal SC.
Koke Vegas, vector graphic of the goalkeeper of the San Diego Loyal SC.
I was excited about the San Diego Wave Fútbol Club announcing they were acquiring Alex Morgan so I created this loteria inspired graphic with her nickname and jersey number in the design.
Majin Buu vector graphic social media post.
Piccolo vector graphic for social media post.
'El Fin de Semana' social media post.
Majin Buu sticker, client: Eloy Apparel.
Mewtwo social media post.
Charmander social media post.
Pixar Luxo Ball social media post.
Yogology logo creation, client: Yogology.
Meliora Solutions logo creation, client: Meliora Solutions.
Coco, Toy Story social media post.
LeBron James, Lakers jersey for social media.
Logos & Vectors

These logo designs and vectors range from being commission based, freelance assignments and personal design practice. These include fun projects like designing the famous Pixar Luxo ball and the Los Angeles Lakers jerseys. Overall these vector graphics share the same thing: a thought process that lead to creative visual with purpose.

Christian Vargas
Graphic Designer San Diego, CA