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Bald Top Brewing

A brewery specializes in crafting unique, delicious beers in a variety of styles and flavours. Located in the beautiful foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Insight: Beer is standard.
Solution: Bald Top provides an experience that is memorable to go with your beer.

Bald Top Brewery Co.'s marketing problem is that they have an old fashioned kind of brewery style with an outdated logo design. To relaunch their brewery and awareness, they need to expand their target audience. The University of Virginia is only 28 miles away and the University of Washington is 88 miles away. Therefore, a rebranding is needed to be able to touch this new audience with a vegan beer to follow a fashion movement and a non-alcoholic beer to reach under 21. My team and I thought about a music festival sponsored by the brewery. As well as, a beer truck designed for the brand which goes around Universities' events.

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Clara Amblard
Strategist Londres, United Kingdom