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Coquette by Coco T

Coquette is a start up specialised in Lingerie.

My team and I thought about a couple of ideas before coming up with a perfect insight. We asked ourselves, what do teenagers care about regarding lingerie. They care about the image of the brand, what it stands for and what it represents. 

'The target audience wear a brand not an underwear'.

The product comes after the brand. Generation Z grew up influenced by social media. They judge brands based on their communications through those platforms and become regular consumer depending on their branding online.
However, they can not completely get involved with the brand and appropriate it to themselves. Which is why we want to launch for coquette a customised lingerie line via an interactive website where you can choose patterns, size, colours, types, styles.

Concerning the brand’s communication, it will be 100% based on social media which is cheap for a startup and one of the best way to reach this young audience.

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Clara Amblard
Strategist Londres, United Kingdom