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Spring Semester :: KICKStart - A KICKStart into my last semester.
Nike :: Flight Concept - Shoe designed for speed and quickness with sufficient support and lockdown in key areas. Protective lace shroud provides added ankle support and also allows ventilation through the engineered "gills."
Flight Concept :: Revision - Revised rendering solving forefoot flex issues and gill placement.
Flight Concept :: Revision - Revised rendering- gill placement.
Flight Concept :: Revision - Revised rendering: lime-backed perforations.
Flight Concept :: Final Revision - Revised rendering: perforations.
Reebok Foster :: Sketches - Fast, aggressive concept for the Reebok Foster distance line.
Reebok Foster :: Sketches - Fast, aggressive concept for the Reebok Foster distance line.
Reebok Foster - Fast, aggressive concept for the Reebok Foster distance line.
Aqua Trainer Sketches - Exploration Sketches.
Aqua Trainer Sketches - Exploration sketches.
Aqua Trainer Sketches - Exploration sketch.
Nike :: Performance Aqua Trainer - Performance aqua trainer utilizing a porous lunarlite foam bed that maximizes drainage. Expands upon the lunar story with connections to astronauts' water training methods.
Nike Basketball - Afternoon's exploration exercise :: each sketch done on 8.5x11, roughly 3 minutes each to flush out ideas...then illustrator linework into photoshop.
Adidas Track - Afternoon concept sketch and render inspired by the track curve.
Nike :: Sidewinder Revision - Top image: '05 3d modeling exercise.
Bottom image: 2009 Revised rendering...cleaner design with integrated lace keeper.
Nike Zoom Wiffle - Shelton, CT USA : My hometown and home to the world's only Wiffle Ball factory. This shoe is for serious Wiffle Ball play, designed to be a baseball trainer with a running shoe feel for tighter play in backyards. Having spent many days behind the factory dumpster-diving for defective balls as a kid, that sense of reuse is integrated by utilizing recycled Wiffle Ball plastic in the toe-guard and heel counter.
NB Running - Mid price point running concept.
1HDC 3rd Place :: Cycling Shoe Concept - ::1 Hour Design Challenge::

Concept aimed at elimating the hassle of changing footwear without sacrificing performance or comfort for cyclists.

::55 minutes. Ballpoint sketch & photoshop.
Adidas Sprint Concept - Kicksguide.com Finalist - Sprint spike concept featuring a 3-strap midfoot lockdown system, and a Jamaican color scheme of course.
Track spike sketches - Spike ideation sketches: ballpoint + photoshop.
Zoom Safari XC sketch - Quick ballpoint sketch and some photoshop.
Kaeru Kettle - 1st Place - Quick concept exploring a functional heat-sensitive tea kettle that reveals the Japanese story behind it all. Adobe Illustrator concept board. 1st place winner in VT iD Kettle Competition.
Backpack Concept - Exploratory Concept:
Adobe Illustrator Rendering.
Lebron Soldier Samurai Inspiration - Taking inspiration from the ancient samurai warriors...viewing this footwear design as both a weapon and protection on the battlefield...aka the basketball court.
Lebron Soldier Samurai - KIcksguide.com Finalist - Lebron Soldier concept featuring an adjustable velcro strap for ankle support and a TPU cage that offers sidewall support and optimal midfoot lockdown.
Lebron Soldier Concept Sketch :: Revised - Revised design from last year's Lebron Kicksguide.com Theme
Quick spike concept - Quick concept that utilizes an open mesh inlay swoosh for more breathablity and drainage.
Kicksguide iPhone Artist Series Finalist - Mid/long-range sprint spike concept taking inspiration from the iPhone's simple yet robust interface and aesthetics. Features a free-floating arch that is tightly wrapped in a rigid exoskeleton for maximum weight reduction, breathability, and flexibility.
Nike Zoom Sidewinder - Concept utilizing a lateral lacing system for distance events.
Nike Basketball - Footwear concept done with ballpoint, pencil, marker, and photoshop.
I.D. Student Workstation - Workstation that emphasizes studio communication and personal security while preserving personality. Work surface raises from sitting to standing height, and can be locked at standing height in order to secure personal belongings in the central "backbone" of shelving units.
Basketball doodle - Loose 8.5x11 exploratory sketches.
Backpack doodle - Fun backpack sketch.
Basketball doodle - Loose 8.5x11 exploratory sketch.
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