My major was product design, after graduation, I was doing mainly on design projects from 2D graphic design to 3D animation and commercial advertisement, but after 2 years, I joined into a IP law firm worked as an IP application process manager, then after master degree, I acted as an sales man working in Korean company selling 4D rides and 4D films as well as software in current position. For the past 9 years working experience, I found my career path has total reversely changed, and it influenced my thinking pattern and action in daily life. You can have a check on my LinkedIn page at https://kr.linkedin.com/in/menghui


1.AWARD THE 3rd. PLACE OF BEIJING INTERNATIONAL ART GLASS DESIGN COMPETITION 2.Award the hornorable prize of GREE Air Conditioner design competition.


CREATIVE 86 Inc. VIM Co., Ltd. Visual Contents department of Dongseo University

Experience & Education