painting - 24" x 24" Acrylic over modeling paste shown at the Fishmarket
Drawing - Vine charcoal and white conte crayon on grey pastel paper. Completed December 2004 before entering graduate school.
Creative Image Reinterpretation: Starting on the left, the study examines the same image in a Recreation, an Extension and a Transformation. Hand drawn / Photoshop
Creative Image Reinterpretation 2: Postcard on left was studied through a series of Recreations, Extensions and Transformations. Hand drawn - Recreate, collage / hand drawn - Extension Photoshop - Transformation.
Villa Lante landscape model.
4 Walls: The Museum of the City - Analysis of the city of Richmond. For this presentation, all the precinct models had to fit together to form the large bas relief of Richmond, Va seen above.
Exploded Axon of Riva San Vitale Hand drawn and rendered in Photoshop. September 2005 for Representation class, first semester.
Concrete beam construction myself and two other classmates were given the challenge to design a beam with a specific amount of concrete and rebar. It was then tested for structural integrity against beams by other teams. completed in Construction Systems class, second semester.
Testing the beam
Another beam challenge in our construction systems class. This time it was to build a specific length beam out of balsa wood and chip board. The testing first weighed the completed beam and then tested it to see how much weight it would support. This was designed by myself and Juliane Kuminski. Our beam won, proportionally holding more weight than others in the class!
The testing of the second beam in class.
Other work & interests

Various works undertaken in graduate school:

First hand drawing - exploded axon of Riva San Vitale - with photoshop rendering;

Physical model of Richmond VA - a class model where everyone's precinct had to fit together like puzzle pieces;

Physical model from my chosen final presentation in HIstory of Landscape Architecture;

our design and testing of a concrete beam; our design & load testing of a basswood beam (winner in class!);

First semester diagrams of Richmond VA,

Postcard Renderings: Showing original postcard and my recreation of it, along with an extension and transformation.

A paining from my semester taking an introductory painting studio at NCSU,

Pastel drawing done pre-architecture

at 16"x16"x16" square made of paper, strong enough to be an end table.

Kristin Hawk
Architectural Designer Wilmington, NC