Obtura Studio - This is a logo for a friend's studio, the original idea is to form a lens that also resemble an iris, or a shutter, this is the first idea I came up with, may be subject to change
Zak Games - Just a quick logo I did for a friend of mine, who is a game designer, I tried to slightly integrate the G shape inside the main Z shape
Amnion Animal Science - Logo for a bio-tech startup oriented to animal work
TradeMark - Logo for a hip-hop band from Chicago.
Black Market Musicians - This is a small and simple thing that I did to help with a project that contacted me, this is destined to represent the independency and unification for the music group, that's why I chose the flag/note combined
LiveWire Learning - this is the first mockup for LiveWire Learning, a company specializing in leadership & management training for enterprises, tried to represent the empowering and freedom of knowledge, at the same time mantaining a connection with the name in the form of the w, still in production.
Spanish Peaks - Logo designed for a company in Canada specialized in computer technologies

In-Tranzit - This is the second logo Im doing for an australian electronica band, this time I tried to give it a more tribal look, more like a seal, but without losing the modern/futuristic touch, Im still deciding on the color, notice how the vertical lines kinda form an I, and the inner shape like a rounded n
Nadine Berger - This is a logo for an Avon consultant in Germany
Shots4Spots - Logo for a community-based site where actors and models can submit their headshot for promotion
Aeovin - Logo for a design studio based in Los Angeles, USA.
Association Marocain d'OpenSource - Logo for an Open Source community in Morocco.
Fotegrafik Asia - Logo for a Singapore based portal featuring stock photos from Asia.

HeidelbergPics - Logo for a community site from Heidelberg, Germany.
LatinAmerican Models - Logo for an argentinian model agency.
MyBizzkey - Logo for a web 2.0 service from USA based on the exchange of business cards
PC Mamba - Logo for an online magazine about computers.
GameSource - Logo for a gaming portal from Italy.
Phirewire - A logo for a design community from Canada.
FOSSCON - Logo for a community open source event based on Germany.
Avatar Base - Logo for a project aiming at the online gamer community, based on Canada.
Shift Records - Logo for an electronic music seal from USA.
BusyBee Daycare - Logo for a children learning center in Canada
Cristhian Serur
Design & Illustration Buenos Aires, Argentina