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Bleach died shirts - Shibori Dying Style

1.) accordion folding between wood with drips
2.) rocks wrapped in rubber bands
3.) bleach sprayed over lace
Green Lace Shirt - Shibori Dying Style

Lace placed over shirt and sprayed with bleach. bleached lace added as a large pocket and back applique.
Green Lace Shirt (Pocket Detail) - Shibori Dying Style
Bleached Rock Shirt - Shibori Dying Style

Rocks placed in shirt and tied up with rubber bands. Shirt bleached and left to sit. The weight of the rocks tore holes in the fabric. Holes were repaired with red embroidery floss.
Bleached Rock Shirt (Repair Detail) - Shibori Dying Style
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Caitlin Schuh
Student Rochester, NY