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Jealousy - water color, india ink, acrylic paint, pencil, and marker.

Kimono Me, Baby - 18x24
Rainbow Tegan - 15x21
colored pencils
Rosa Sleeping - Profile pencil drawing
Cindy - Pencil Drawing
Family Booth - Exaggerated family portrait in pencil.
God May Bless America... - Colored Pencil on 18x24 water color paper.
Swinging at the Beach - 18x24 pencil drawing.
recreated from picture by Kayla Carpitella.
Ogeesan - Pencil drawing of my grandfather.
made on the 10 year anniversary of his passing, for my grandmother.
Audrey - Marker line drawing
Rosa - Santiago like line drawing in charcoal.
Goggles - Conti Crayon nude portrait drawing.
Veggie Head - Face pieced together from vegetables and flowers.

Pencil drawing 10x12
TeeTee - Acrylic Paint on Canvas
Tegan as St Barbara - Acrylic on Canvas
I took a painting of my sister Tegan and turned her into an image of Saint Barbara (The patron Saint of Mathematicians)
Katie Holmes - Blind Conture.
lines: marker
fill: chalk pastells
Mona Lisa in Pieces - Textured Collage of chalk pastels. Sealed with gel gloss medium
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Caitlin Schuh
Student Rochester, NY