Art Therapy
Main Rendering
System Operation
Instiu Rendering
Making of Art-Improve - 1.Completed paper sketch model 2.Completed MDF buck for rinse water container 3.Assembling large buck 4.Sanding large buck of full scale model 5. It is positioned on top of vacuum pipe 6.large buck broke after thermo forming due to insecure structure 7. Reinforced with cross-section rib, countersink screws and glue 8.Large thermal formed model parts 9.Latches back thermoformed & glued onto art table 10.Slide-in hinge glued onto it 11.Art storage 12.Full scale model primed
Final Model - Left to right - art table and art storage
Final Model - Storage
Thesis Topic Pitch Presentation
Photo taken at the Rocket Show 2010.
Thesis- Art Therapy System
Cho-Wai Ben Fung
Industrial Designer Toronto, Canada