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Modular Outpost System

Innovative merchandising system consiting of common frame and panel components that can be configured in a variety of ways depending on merchandising need.

Pinwheel, H-frame, and triagular plans are just some of the possible layouts. Panels attach to tubular steel frames and are easily changed should damage, evolving aesthetic trends or merchandising methods necessetate the need for new panels. Universal mounting methods using common tools allow a unit to be reconfigured on site, eliminating the need for sending out entirely new kits. Simply communicate the new configuration and supply any additional components needed.

This outpost system can be customized to suit any brand or retailer need. Enhancements such as sign holders, panel finishes and decorative fins tailor the fixture to attract guests and drive sales. Panels can also be linked to create larger displays. The possibilites are endless with this patent pending modular outpost system.

Christopher Weigand
Industrial Designer / Design Manager Cleveland, OH