"RES" or Reddit Enchancement Suite is an supplement application for users of the website Reddit, to streamline the user interface. These early vector comps were inspired by the established Reddit alien character and the desire from the client's perspective to enhance browsing Reddit. My goal was to establish a link between site & application by further exploring the alien motif. Other graphic concepts focused on various elements, such as nitrous oxide bottles.
The current logo for The Chicago Brush Lion was inspired by an illustration by John Woodcock for a sales recruitment firm from the UK (from recent fact finding, now possibly defunct). Despite countless attempts to extract & execute my own original ideas, I chose to adapt a set design and alter it into an original composition. I'm confident no two points are identical to the Woodcock design and that my own incantation has its own character.
Inspired by a long night of 33 1/3 jam sessions on my record player. If any piece of collateral material could marry two things I'm most passionate about, these new recycled business cards do the trick. I've even been told they come from some good titles; salvaged from damaged LPs that otherwise would've found the bottom of a dumpster. I wouldn't have it any other way.
A general template for a protective sleeve. I wanted to stay true to the style and relationship of a record to it's protective slip. Protection was important, since during various test screens the inks proved to be tempermental after drying. No sense defeating the purpose of an information exchange, no matter how unique, if it all rubs away from friction.
I realize that I managed to digitally puke a large number of card designs onto the workspace. It's a lot to digest, however, these comps were originally spread out and served as a momentum builder to expand possibilities.
Narrowing down the comps proved fairly easy. In the process of burning the image onto a screen by treating individual screens with emulsion fluid; the images with smaller details tended to blowout. It seems critical to be as concise as possible with words, utilize a crisper typeface and maximize the usable area without getting generic. Using a distressed font was a style choice, but in order to keep it I would have to use a less gritty one to achieve some clarity.

I struggle at times with organizing the info. It always seems that placement can be endless. In this case the cards are approximately 0.25", give or take, narrower than a standard leave behind. This definitely is another frontier far from print, but the basic properties were the same. Inching closer to paydirt!
Progress Pool

A tiny glimpse into the evolution of a current project. A process book of sorts documenting the trials & tribulations from concept to completion.

Dominic Avallon
Designer + Content Writer Highland, IN