Egg Stack - modular shoe storage - Floor-standing, stacking frames, holding 4 pairs of shoes per unit, are made from bent wood and cast and painted metal. When stacked with the alignment pins they create an egg-shape effect which tricks the eye and creates a feeling of floating.
Collapsible Cat Tower - This tower, in two heights, flat packs for efficient shipping and storage. Carpet covered levels are shaped to let cats relax and play between the levels, getting the height they love without the bulk of traditional cat play structures.
Library reference table - Simplifying the visual environment of libraries, this reference station manages cables and equipment security, while looking awesome. 2005.
Cardboard collapsible shelf - Two-part boxed with crossed grain become stable when together. Wide strips weave into the sides, to hold the shelves together as a unit. 2000.
Falling Wire - shoe storage - A minimalist profile shoe stand, the bars fold up or down as required. The total depth is less than 10cm when the arms are collapsed. 2011.
Falling Wire - floor version - With flat packing in mind, shoes are held in the same manner as the previous, wall mounted version. 2011.
Dawn Wintour
Industrial Designer Montreal, Canada