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Gold Circle Depth - Clock - Wooden wedges are mounted on gold painted metal rings, with a mirrored center to hide the mechanics. The proportions and shapes are meant to give the feeling of depth and radiance. 2011.
Svit and Natt flatware for IKEA - Sold 2005 - present, worldwide. This flatware is meant to reflect pre-industrial styling, so no straight lines are used.
Metall Dutt photo holder, IKEA - 50cm across, Metall Dutt is a wall mounted wire picture or note holder, meant to enable the user to make their own collage. This product was sold in stores internationally from 2005 - 2010.
Collage vase 1 - A ceramic two-step dish creates a collage opportunity, useful as a centerpiece of a dining tabel or at a wedding.
Magazine holder in wood and wire - A wall mounted magazine and paper holder, with a low impact on the visual space. Knocks down for shipping or storage.
Magazine stand - Tall curve - Units nest for shipping, or hook together to make a wall-hanging magazine or paper stand.
Magazine stand - Short Cross - Units nest for shipping, or hook together to make a wall-hanging magazine or paper stand.
Fruit Bowl - Jan Ken Pon - Eliminates strainers from the washing process and save water. This bowl facilitates washing, draining and presentation of your favorite fruit. Originally submitted to Japan's Jan Ken Pon competition in 2003.
Collage frame in wood and metal - Three materials are used for this frame, wood, glass and metal. The two metal plates have a different pattern cut into them on both sides, giving four options for the two display sides. With a low profile, this frame can sit on a shelf, mantle, or on a desk as a divider. 2001.
Concept sketching for handles, IKEA - Concept sketching for new handles for IKEA of Sweden 365+ cooking series. 2004.
Collage vase, 2 - A shorter version, with a more dramatic look. Perfect as a centerpiece at home or for a reception.
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Dawn Wintour
Industrial Designer Montreal, Canada