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Sam - Schedule Aid and Messenger for the elderly - Sam combines several functions into an easy to use, holistic product. The pendant is worn throughout the day, and plays audio message reminders. These messages can be managed by family members online or by phone, by pharmacists, by care home staff, or directly on board a docking station. Sam also acts as a talking watch and panic-alarm system. For more information, please contact akerudesigns@gmail.com
Sam system planning - The potential for updating and managing messages for Sam is vast.

For more information on Sam, please email akerudesigns@gmail.com.
Mia - problem context scenarios
Mia - Memory and Identification Aid for the visually impaired - Mia attaches audio information to objects to help ease the challenges of living with visual impairment. For more information on this project, please contact akerudesigns@gmail.com.
Mia - form development - Form development from sketches to the final appearance model. Ergonomic considerations were a top priority.
Mia - human factors testing and development - Issues were discovered and adressed, including size and shape, button access, scanning ability and recording audio messages safely.
White cane handle and case, Ambutech
Sam - sketch development - Some form exploration for the Sam pendant. 2006.
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Living Aids
Dawn Wintour
Industrial Designer Montreal, Canada