Spring 2022 Candle Science In-Packing Card for Avery

I created an in-packing card for Avery's partner, Candle Science, by updating existing hero image (on the front of the card) and using some rendering images (tag images on the back of the card). The existing hero image of the candle previously had a different digital styling prop (a flower) but I replaced it with coconut and coconut leaf to match the candle scent "Bamboo & Coconut".

**Note: the candle packaging design shown on the front of the card was created by another designer, Gabeh Gutierrez. The prints & pattern artworks on the tags shown on the back of the card were created by other designers at Avery.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Jessica Sanchez
Visual Designer & Illustrator Anaheim, CA