Zoar Zipline - Zoar Outdoor needed a website to promote their new zipline facility. I created a site that gave the feeling of being in the trees from the moment the viewer landed on the page.
Hopewell Flowers - This client is a small Boston florist that wanted to have a big on line presence.
Mr. Sid Website - Mr. Sid is an upscale men's clothing store that needed a website redesign to reflect the quality of their inventory and on-site custom services.
Snack Taxi Website - Snack Taxi sells hand-made, reusable food bags as part of a green initiative. They needed a website with a home-grown feel to the design to represent their small company ideals.
Carroll Design - This engineering company takes people's ideas and makes them into product templates. Their previous website was disorganized and had an all black background. They were looking for modernity and easier navigation.
Cheese Cave Website - Cheese Cave is a gourmet cheese shop that opened in NJ and needed online promotion and sales ability. The store uses antique wood in its interior, so I carried that concept over into the website design for a rustic feel with modern capabilities.
Father and Son Flooring - This client needed a modern look for their new website with clean call outs and easy navigation. They chose this design because they felt it would attract the type of modern, wealthy customer they were seeking.
Cielo Group - This client does marketing promotions via cell phones and needed a website that instantly visually conveyed what they do.
Sarku Restaurants website - Sarku is a chain of fast food restaurants that needed a website that both sold the food and the franchise.
Amita Schmidt - This client sells meditation services and wanted a website that conveyed warmth and a connection with nature.
Website Banner Header - This client develops standardized comprehension test for children and needed a banner that represented how these tests encouraged better thinking via the computer.
Fazzi Associates - Fazzi Associates is a medical consulting firm that needed a web redesign that allowed for a great deal of information, callouts, and links to be organized in an easy to navigate manner.
Alex Morse - Mr. Morse needed a total branding package for his run for governor including a logo, multi-language website, and advertising materials. Image is everything in politics, so I mixed traditional colors and themes with his innovative message to sell Alex Morse as the next governor for the city of Holyoke, MA.
Berkshire Blanket Website - Berkshire Blanket needed an updated website that linked their history and place of production with their innovation for the future. It also needed to be smooth, simple, and elegant to show their modern international presence.
Dion Label Website - Dion Label needed a website that showed their large production abilities along with their family run attention.
Double Edge Theatre Website - Double-Edge theater is an immersive theater company with international acclaim for its innovative preparation and presentation of original shows. This was a pro-bono project of a web-site redesign to help them achieve their mission of bringing unique theater to Western Massachusetts via awareness and donation. Because their main theater utilizes a vintage barn, I incorporated old wood elements and pastoral scenes of the location into the design.
Keiter Builders - Keiter Builders needed a website that would reflect solid building principles from a trusted company. Thus I used strong lines and simple presentation to let the photos of their work take top priority.
Danielle Carriveau
Graphic Designer Manama, Bahrain