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Feb 23
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The ideal candidate for the position of Creative Director at Bandujo Advertising + Design is someone with a friendly, positive, inclusive and non-ego driven personality who has passion both for the business of advertising and the businesses of our clients. This role demands a client-first business perspective; outstanding design skills; full command of digital and traditional advertising; a strategic outlook for creative and messaging; and, the ability to manage a design team.

This is a hands-on role. The Creative Director interfaces directly with senior leadership and departmental staff, working together to concept and execute creative assets. The leader who holds this position must be comfortable in a highly collaborative environment, where the goal is to create deliverables that seamlessly combine messaging and visual design.


• Partner with Vice Presidents of Creative Strategy to brainstorm and develop design and messaging concepts for a broad range of traditional and digital media tactics across a broad base of clients, including financial services, education, government, public safety and health, technology, publishing/media and more.
• Guide the Creative Team’s execution of messaging and design strategies, providing growth-focused visual and content design feedback and mentorship.
• Supervise the Creative Team’s day-to-day workflow. Assign projects, monitor progress and ensure the Team meets deadlines.
• Understand client objectives, brand values and budgets, along with overseeing Creative Team’s design interpretation of brand guidelines.
• Participate directly in the layout, design and conceptual process for creating deliverables.
Communicate and present ideas and concepts internally and externally.
• Keep current on the latest design tools, trends and technologies.
• Evaluate the performance of individual Creative Team members.

• Degree in business, advertising, marketing, graphic design or related field.
• 5+ years advertising agency or internal corporate marketing department experience.
• 3+ years supervisory experience.
• Deep knowledge of the business of advertising and marketing, brand and design principles.
• Excellent interpersonal communication and presentation skills.
• Proven track record of developing business objective based creative design and messaging solutions for clients
• Strong creative mind.

Attributes and expectations:

Commitment to advertising:
This position is for someone whose career path is centered on the advertising industry. This person has a clear understanding of how messaging and visual design work together. The individual is a creative not only interested primarily in the visual; rather, he or she executes visual as a component of an overall message. Specifics:

• Demonstrate an understanding of message hierarchy from a visual standpoint.
• Appropriately use visual design and visual selections to enhance the target’s understanding of the messaging or enhance its effectiveness.
• Engage in a process that involves full exploration and then selection visual ideas beyond the obvious or expected for advertising designs.
• Evaluate, edit or send back messaging for edits, or reorganize messaging if it limits or detracts from the visual design’s ability to achieve the desired business objective.

Business sensibility:
Bandujo’s client-first philosophy demands that its deliverables clearly relate to the business goals of the client. Cool and clever creative at the agency matters only when they directly support a client’s business objectives. Specifics:
• Identify and articulate client business objectives generally and specifically in connection with a project scope-of-work or campaign brief.
• Identify and understand the client’s target market.
• Offer a strategic perspective on how advertising can add value to the client’s business and its brand.
• Understand the client’s products and service in relation to its competitors.

Design capabilities:
The Creative Director is a fully participating partner in the concepting of creative strategy and execution of design. Whether an entirely new project or one created within brand guidelines, clients are provided multiple viable options. These reflect a thoughtful, intentional creative process.
• Design creative that generates an instant appeal due to the appropriate use of colors, fonts, proportions, visuals.
• Demonstrate fluency in the visual look and voice of the client.
• Create and design in a process that reflects an enthusiastic and broad exploration of design ideas.
• Wisely edit and curate ideas prior to presentation in review.
• Show originality, artistry and creativity that never sacrifices practicality or business-sense.
• Produce creative that gives the client a range of multiple viable options, all consistent with the client’s visual look. Each executable towards a business goal.

Management skills:
This position has a strong supervisory component because it involves the direct and regular management of the design team.
• Supervise the department’s regular workflow while participating in it.
• Ability to do a task analysis of project components and assign parts in a way that makes the best use of the team’s skills and assets.
• Plan and monitor project timelines and budgets.
• Evaluate the skills and capabilities of team members; support individual development to the benefit of the employee and agency.

Bandujo seeks candidates with these attributes for every position:
• A genuine, innate curiosity to grow and learn.
• The ability to work independently, be self-motivated and self-directed to accomplish tasks accurately, on time and with minimal supervision.
• A client first, “I’ll make it happen” attitude.
• Highly organized, detail-oriented and a do-it-right-the-first-time approach.
• The ability to multi-task and prioritize tasks, while still meeting deadlines.
• A strong work ethic.
• Strong written and oral communication skills.
• A willingness to pitch in, no matter how menial a task or small a project.
• A strong sense of pride, where “good enough” is never good enough.
• A friendly, positive, inclusive and non-ego driven personality.

When you apply:
We care less about what’s on your resume and more about what's in your portfolio. In your cover letter tell us why you’d be the perfect candidate for this job and why you’d be a valuable addition to the Bandujo team.

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