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CMF Design Lead - Soft Goods

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Aug 5
Job Description

About Bilio:

Bilio is a Soft Goods focused industrial design and development from located near Jack London Square in West Oakland, California.

Our consultancy emphasizes “materials first,” and leverages our extensive materials knowledge and network to match our client’s compelling product story, design, application, and aesthetic.

Bilio bridges the divide between soft and hard goods via on-site prototyping and engineering validation testing. Bilio’s lab capabilities facilitate 3-D knit exploration, advanced bonding applications, and tool made methodology.

Bilio’s expertise is born of a diverse portfolio ranging from consumer electronics to wearable technologies, programmed knits to precision leatherwork, and carry goods to technical apparel.

Though our long-lasting partnerships, collaborative learnings, and fresh perspectives, Bilio’s clients and capabilities are constantly expanding.

Color, Material, and Finish Design Lead - Soft Goods:

• As a Color, Material, and Finish (‘CMF”) Design Lead - Soft Goods at Bilio, you will be responsible for leading CMF strategies and projects for a variety of Soft Goods products.
• Collaborate with the design, development, and fabrication teams to create cutting edge, innovative solutions that push material and lab capabilities.
• Ally with suppliers to source and develop materials for Bilio’s internal materials library and client projects.

Role and Responsibilities:

• Ideate, visualize, and develop designs for colors, materials, and finishes for a wide variety of products across numerous industries.
• Manage projects from inception to completion, communicate internally and externally, and complete deliverables of client products within timelines and budgets.
• Develop digital and physical CMF presentations.
• Analyze and approve colors, materials, and finishes at different stages of the development process.
• Collaborate and strategize with the design team to facilitate proof of concept, on-site prototyping, material development, and design for manufacturing.
• Assist in the presentation, vision, and organization of the Bilio’s research and development library and showroom.
• Understand material trends and forecast innovative material uses in a variety of Soft Goods applications.
• Leverage data, tools, process, emotion, and intuition to design, create, and deliver a CMF story and concept.
• Plan implementation of new materials, and check that these can be sourced according to our standards.
• Manage and grow supplier, supply chain, and client relationships.

The Perfect Fit:

• Strong “Soft Goods” materials knowledge, with an emphasis on yarns, knit structures, wovens, suedes, leathers, foams, and their related finish and assembly methods.
• Interest in environmental, sustainable, natural, and technical materials.
• Excitement and flexibility in learning about new materials and methods of working.
• Infectious enthusiasm for Soft Goods materials and processes.
• Comfort with both digital and hands on approaches, taking design concepts from the computer screen into our lab space for prototyping and proving out concepts.
• Confidence in communicating CMF recommendations to clients and fellow designers.
• Task oriented with a strong ability to organize.
• “Can do” attitude with a positive outlook.

Practical Skills:

• Must have a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design, Textile Design, or related field.
• 3+ years professional experience with evidence of exceptional ability.
• Exceptional visual, communication, and presentation skills.
• Proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign Key and word processing (CAD, KeyShot, and M1 Plus are a bonus).
• Must be self-regulating, flexible, and able to manage multiple projects across a variety of clients.
• Able to travel domestic and internationally to and from factories and suppliers.

If the above gets you excited and ready to take on a challenge, we would love to hear from you. Please submit Resume and Portfolio to:

NOTE: International candidates must hold a valid US working permit.


Materials First: At Bilio, we let truth to materials inspire design and product creation. We are your Soft-To-Firm Goods industrial design, product development, and design for manufacturing partner. We Build Stuff: Our process starts with materials and a compelling story; allowing design, development, and design for manufacturing to flourish under one roof. We bridge the divide between soft and hard goods integration from proof of concept to engineering validation testing using advanced applications in bonding, textile engineering, lab-based prototyping, and tool-made methodology. From The Ground Up: Our team's expertise is born from a diverse portfolio ranging from consumer electronics to wearable technologies, programmed knits to precision leatherwork, and carry goods to technical apparel. We create long-lasting relationships through collaborative learning, fresh perspectives, and memorable experiences. Here We Go: To inquire about industrial design, product development, material consultation, and design for manufacturing services, please submit your inquiry below. Where To Find Us: You can find us by Jack London Square near the Port of Oakland, California. Visits by appointment only.