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Clothing Designer (Patterns)

U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM) Soldier Center k

Natick, MA

Mar 29
Job Description

The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM) Soldier Center has an immediate opening for a Clothing Designer (Patterns) to join our team in Natick, MA. This is a federal civilian position and does not require any affiliation with the military in order to qualify. The position is being filled using Direct Hire Authority (DHA) of qualified candidates possessing a bachelor or an advanced degree to professional scientific and engineering positions within the DEVCOM Soldier Center.

DEVCOM Soldier Center participates in a Science and Technology Reinvention Laboratory (STRL) Personnel Management Demonstration Project, commonly referred to as the Laboratory Demonstration Personnel System, or Lab Demo. In this personnel system, the DB-02 pay band is equivalent to a GS-05 step 1, through GS-11 step 10 grade level. Salary will be determined upon selection.

The Soldier Center’s Design, Pattern and Prototype Team has an opening for a Clothing Designer in the unique area of military design. You will have responsibility for the planning and conducting of complete projects involving the design and development of complex, multi-garment clothing systems such as combat & field clothing, dress uniforms, ballistic and chemical protective items, extreme weather clothing, related equipage, and gear as well as experimental designs. We are seeking a creative incumbent with keen ability to problem solve. Good hands-on ability in garment construction (using a broad range of sewing equipment)is needed, as well as ability to draft first patterns, knowledge of fit and material suitability to the design of a garment or equipment item, ability to translate designs by hand sketching and or use of Adobe Illustrator. Attention to detail, initiative, teamwork, and a creative imagination are key to success.

SERIES DEFINITION: 0062 - Clothing Design Series

The Clothing Design occupational series covers classes of positions that involve professional technical work in the design, development, testing, standardization, and improvement of clothing (including headgear, footgear, and hand gear) for performance, appearance, comfort, and economical production.

Duties include, but are not limited to the following:
• You will participate in phases of work related to the designing, patterning, and prototyping of protective, combat, and other military apparel systems and items.
• You will design new and or improved military apparel items
• You will apply design methods in developing and modifying flat patterns for clothing items using hand methods as well as CAD inclusive of sizing/grading.
• You will participate in technical data development.
• You will perform tailoring work involving the measuring, cutting, sewing, fitting, altering, and finishing of complete sample garments.
• You will conduct first article inspections, observe production tests, participate in design reviews, examine, and accept R&D clothing items manufactured for testing, conduct fit tests, resolve production problems, etc.

Salary Range: $40,436 through $96,363 commensurate with experience

Application Details

Application packages will be accepted through the Army’s recruitment platform, Yello.

Announcement Opening/closing dates: 29 March – 30 June 2023

Required documents: Resume and transcript

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