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Jun 21
Job Description

How you'll help us achieve it
Sending money abroad is intensely personal, and the relationship a sender has with their money transfer provider should be, too. In 2014, when we started Sendwave, we didn’t see that in the marketplace. Instead, most senders hated their money transfer provider - they were unresponsive corporations with extortionate fees. We set about building real relationships with our users and tried to treat them like the heroes they are. In the beginning, it was easier to make that personal connection - if we made a mistake that affected a user, our CEO would simply pick up the phone and call to explain and apologize. When we were only serving the Kenyan diaspora, it was easy for users to feel that Sendwave had been built just for them.

The personal touch and small scale was nice, but our mission has always been to make sending money anywhere in the world as easy and affordable as sending a text. That compelled us to scale beyond one corridor and surpass the size at which our CEO could easily respond to every user query.

In this role, your charge will be to help us retain the sense of personal connections we’ve cultivated with our users as we scale globally and from 500,000 monthly users to 5 million and beyond. You’ll write copy for the application itself, for emails, texts, and digital ads, even copy for job descriptions like this one. (Let’s be honest, this copy could use some help!)

In your first few months, you'll:

Ensure Sendwave has a strong and unique voice across the globe, by developing Sendwave's tone of voice and glossary guidelines, working closely with our Head of Brand
Develop copy for our first LatAm and Southeast Asian country launches, including reviewing the website copy to move from an Africa-centric brand to a more global one
Partner closely with multiple teams, including Product and Marketing, to write and proofread clear, attractive and consistent copy
Collaborate with various stakeholders on the growth marketing team to implement multi-channel campaigns.
Collaborate with hiring managers to rewrite our job descriptions to more compellingly express our mission and our needs.

Key details
Location: Our company is 100% remote— you can be based anywhere in the the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Kenya, or Senegal
We will accept both part-time freelance and full-time contract applications for this role.
Part time compensation: Worldwide: $195/day | US: $315/day
Full time compensation: Worldwide: $51,000 | US: $115,000

5+ years experience copywriting in response to project briefs
Excellent writing, editing and proofreading skills
Demonstrated ability to work with multiple stakeholders
Native-level English
Experience working on B2C products
You might be a good fit if you
Enjoy working in a fast paced environment
Are able to complete hands-on work while aligning closely with a strategic vision
Approach writing with a testing mindset
Quickly absorb new cultural settings and understand how they impact Sendwave's brand and design strategy

Bonus points if you
Write an interesting cover letter
Are familiar with the diaspora communities we serve
Are fluent in written French, Spanish, Italian, Wolof or Swahili (in addition to English)
Have experience using SEO principles to maximize copy’s reach
Have experience working in C2C environments

Application Details

Please write an interesting cover letter and link to your portfolio.


In 2019, immigrants worldwide sent over $550 billion home to family and friends, dwarfing foreign governmental aid. In the age of cheap, quick transfers through services like Paypal and Venmo, these people are trekking to stores to pay fees averaging over 7% for transfers that typically take 24 hours or more.

Sendwave's mission is to change that by making sending money anywhere in the world easy and affordable. Since 2014, our app has allowed diaspora members from several African nations - and more recently Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, saving our users over 70% relative to Western Union and MoneyGram.

We are looking to rapidly expand around the world in the next year. That's where you come in...