Job Description

Direct Response Copywriter is someone experienced in funnels, emails and landing page and website conversion copywriting that drive an audience toward action for engagement and lead conversion. He/She is passionate about testing and optimizing creatives across multiple channels. He/she is working closely with content experts and marketing team.

? Writing everything from Facebook ads, sales email campaigns, sales funnels, blog articles and more
? Other duties as assigned

? Able to adapt to different writing voices
? Able to write to different audiences
? Must have an obsession for human-psychology and marketing
? Must have a sensitivity to human-emotions, social dynamics and the power of words
? Experience with direct-response copywriting
? Proven track record of revenue-increasing performance

Application Details

A link of your portfolio is a MUST
Sample of your writing
Willing to do a writing test

Dan Lok Education, Inc.

The Dan Lok Organization is a conglomerate and investment company. We invest in great people, proven ideas, and innovative business models.

Our core focus and reason for being is to equip individuals with skills and empower companies to scale.

In the B2C space, we elevate financial confidence globally by equipping individuals with high income skills.

In the B2B space, we help companies to scale strategically and sustainably.

In the mass market, we entertain and inspire through compelling content.

To achieve our mission, we advocate for visionaries, which gives life to our innovative and fast-evolving culture.

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