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Director - Client Strategy

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Mason, OH

Jan 1
Job Description

The Director – Client Strategy will be responsible for new client high performance integration and operations. The responsibility will focus on the client integration from a defined scope and signed contract (The “YES”) through “GO LIVE.” This may include, but not be limited to: Account definition; Account structure definition; Ad-hoc Project BrandEQ™ deployment; Vision Casting for account dream; Collection BrandEQ™ Complete project coordination; “Go Live” Relationship Manager hand-off, integration, & implementation; Semi-Annual VLP, Segmentation, and Assortment review and actions; New assortment design, development, and manufacturing set-up and coordination; and more as mutually defined within the scope of “YES” to “GO LIVE.”

This role will lead the revolutionary BrandEQ™ methodology of Touchstone and is expected to set the industry standard of how great brand stories are told through aspirational merchandise collections.

Account Definition & Account Structure Definition

Responsibility: To gain a deep understanding of client scope and collaborate and direct the resource structure and assigned resources of TMG, in order to achieve high performance and success.

● Determine account to reside in ESGA, RM, or field based on size and resources needed.

● Determine projected future growth potential.

● Collaborate with Touchstone leadership to establish a complete budget for each account based on scope of program.

Ad Hoc Project BrandEQ™ Deployment

Responsibility: Based on the deep understanding of the client and scope of services, work with Touchstone Leadership Team stakeholders to establish the assigned resources, process, and systems in order to achieve high performance and success.

● Define assigned Ad Hoc project resources, of Touchstone, to support complete scope of Ad Hoc projects.

● Monitor, lead, and report Ad Hoc project performance, within consolidated account reporting.

Vision Casting for Account Dream

Responsibility: Lead the defined “dream” or vision of what success looks like for the entire client relationship.

● Gain a deep understanding of clients' vision of success.

Based on Clients’ definition, utilize your experience and the resources of Touchstone to establish a “Proclamation” of the Account Dream (Vision of Success) which will include a well-narrated, co-authored (with client) and aligned complete picture of “the Dream.”

Collection BrandEQ™ Complete Collection Coordination

Definition: Lead the complete process from “Yes” (signed contract and/or indication of certain intent to work with Touchstone) through complete integration of client.

● Complete project planning w/ milestones and tasks

● Coordination of all Touchstone shared services (ie Creative, W/F, Shared Services, Finance, etc.)

● Complete project management and project cadence with communication

“Go Live” Relationship Management hand-off, integration, & implementation

Definition: Create seamless transition of account between client and internal Touchstone Relationship Manager (RM) and assigned Account Team Members.

● Lead facilitation of complete Touchstone Team definition with all assigned resources and establishment of Account Team Illustration.

● Lead the integration hand-off to assigned team members.

● Serve as Touchstone’s on-going liaison to the client stakeholders and support until all parties become confident, independent, and high performing throughout the life of the Touchstone - Client relationship.

● Monitor Client - Touchstone performance to defined service levels and serve as a reporting capacity to Touchstone Leadership Team.

“Go Live” Implementation

Definition: Lead the successful Ambassadorship of “Go Live” integration.

● Ensure on time go live.

● Serve as Touchstone - Client point of contact for updates and resolution.

● Serve as Touchstone - Client Ambassador through a “lock arms” mentality with client and internal teams for communication, transparency, recommending options if needed ,

Semi-Annual VLP, Segmentation, and Assortment review & actions

● Definition: Through a deep understanding of the client, complete ownership of the “Dream,” and your experience, serve as the Touchstone representative Leader of a Semi-Annual review process, engaging the necessary resources of Touchstone to continue to lead and evolve the “Dream” state of the client.

● Collaborate w account owner review performance and analytics of existing collection, marketing and communications, and sales performance.

● Define “carry-over,” original styles and gaps or opportunities for collection additions and terminations, through Touchstone’s established BrandEQ™ complete process, including but not limited to: Touchstone’s Visual Line Plan (VLP) process, including Segmentation and Assortment Planning.

● Collaborate with clients on new opportunities, growth goals, experience improvements, industry updates, in order to establish goals, objectives, marketing and communications, all aligned with account goals and performance.

● Create and lead an action plan for implementation, in line with Marketing and Communications calendar and efforts.

New Assortment design, development, and manufacturing set-up and coordination

Definition: Establish, lead and coordinate the resources of Touchstone to establish: Complete Visual Line Plan (VLP); Complete technical pack pages (for each product), with full alignment with client; Leading all development (prototyping), Approvals, and Manufacture ready for inventory production.

● Bring team together for account updated plan and put calendar in motion for execution and go live.

● Lead complete Visual Line Plan (VLP) review with Client and necessary Touchstone Creative Team Members (Design & Merchandising).

● Project manage all efforts to complete establishment of: New styles design (Creative Team - mood boards through establishment of desired styles); Development (Creative Team - Tech Pack Page development); and Merchandising (Creative Team - Merchandise desired styles + tech packs married to “in market” or custom developed styles).

● Serve as liaison and leader of process to client.



● 4-year college degree


● 10 Years Promotional Products Experience

● Fortune 500 Enterprise Account or equivalent Account Experience

● Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems Experience

● CRM proven utilization, Opportunity to Sales Order (SO) hands-on Experience

● Bachelor’s Degree

● Proficiency in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint (or Keynote)

● Required completion of provided training course (4-6 weeks in our Mason, OH office)

● Up to 50% Travel


Full Benefits