Job Description

Hi, we’re Loop. And we make earplugs. Not the cheap, yellow, airplane kind – the iconic, sound-enhancing kind. The kind that changes lives. The kind that give people the freedom to lose themselves in every moment. At their volume – and their own style.

And you? Well, we’re hoping you’ll be our new Industrial Design Director. The one to lead a team of crazy-talented industrial designers and style specialists, with a razor-sharp eye on the aesthetics and style of our products and campaigns.

Your management skills are on point

The way you inspire and lead your team of growing designers is damn cool. So much so that you’re known for jumping into team meetings with your “light-bulb moments”, such as a quick sketch or a bit of creative insight. Which makes you a star leader. Your team of industrial designers and style specialists will be leading the way with our seasonal launches, special editions and co-branded products, so when it comes to making sure everything’s up to scratch, you make sure you’re on it.

You’re a pro at improving processes and current ways of working in a positive and proactive way - inspiring the team as you go. Managing budgets and planning? You’ve got it down. You know that organization and structure makes for a stronger, more productive team that gets more results.

Your flair for design wins us over

You’re a creative, design obsessed artist, who has honed their craft to have ultra confidence and pride in their work. Making you the legend we’re all raving about. That’s why we trust you to work alongside the engineering manager and product management team to guard the quality of design in all product stages. In fact, you’re such a design guru that we know you’re going to take on and implement the improvements in existing products – all because you stay up-to-date with the latest developments and trends.

You’re a perfectionist, with crazy attention to detail

You’re all about making sure things are ‘just right’. And your awesome communication skills have a big part in making it happen. You liaise with the marketing and design teams to make sure that deadlines of product development are right on track.

You take charge of our product design guidelines, making sure that all Loop products are in line with the same look and feel. You’re a master at reviewing the designer’s work to ensure exceptional quality on all design projects – whilst maintaining brand consistency to boot. And when you hit challenges along the way, you handle them like a pro with determination and motivation.

Loop Earplugs

Our story began when Loop's founders, Maarten and Dimitri, had a common problem: ringing ears after a night out. They discovered that they were not alone, as 1 in 4 adults suffer from hearing damage. But why weren't they wearing earplugs? This question sparked the inception of Loop.

At Loop, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the way earplugs look, feel, and sound. Whether you need hearing protection or simply want to ensure comfort for your ears, Loop allows you to live life at your own volume.

Based in Antwerp with offices in Amsterdam, New York, and Shanghai, we are a rapidly growing team of almost 100 people. This year, we have tripled our sales and have sold over 2,5 million pairs of Loop earplugs worldwide.

As winners of Deloitte Belgium's Technology Fast 50 Award 2022 , we are proud to be recognized as Belgium's leading tech scale-ups, paving the way for innovative brands in the country.