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Director, UX Design

Sallie Mae k

Newton, MA

Jul 22
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We are seeking an adept and innovative leader who will directly evolve and enhance the full spectrum of Sallie Mae’s digital experiences and business channels serving ~10 million active customers, including and all customer-facing applications, offerings, products, information, and tools, as well as our multi-channel customer-service experiences, business partner and operational portals, and native mobile apps.

The UX Director orchestrates the evolution of customer experiences for a significant segment of our customer landscape, partnering closely with leaders in product, engineering, and operations to set human-centered vision and strategy; plan and deliver a portfolio of digital offerings; and iteratively improve a family of interconnected software products and services.

Directors are self-aware, accomplished design leaders who can shepherd and grow a team of designers; collaboratively influence and guide business and product development partners in how to accomplish business goals through human-centered approaches; and enhance the impact of UX at Sallie Mae.

· You’re skilled at defining a portfolio of work and prioritizing design efforts and investments within. You will consult on and align with the needs of your partners in defining portfolio plans, and spot opportunities with peers to seek out and shape integrated experiences that connect more parts of our customers' needs and business strategies.

· Highly capable of contributing to the creation of the design system, as well as to review and validate the quality of the components and other elements.

· You’ll assess the skills and development areas of the designers on your team to align them to the right opportunities to deliver key results and encourage their growth.

· You’re a systems thinker and orchestrator. You can effectively connect the dots between product experiences in the ecosystem

· You’ll collaborate with cross-functional leaders to orchestrate the greater experience ecosystem, find efficiencies across shared technologies and common service moments, and unlock value across the enterprise.

· You’re skilled at guiding results-driven, end-to-end design from strategy to execution. You know the ins-and-outs of what’s needed to design and deliver a great experience and can set reasonable expectations and project time frames with cross-functional leadership peers.

· You can effectively provide feedback to your team in how they frame problems, define insights, create compelling visions, design concepts and prototypes, and communicate their ideas. You have a critical eye for great UX, UI, visual, and content design, and can ensure your team delivers top-quality work.

· You love what you do. You are constantly energized by solving customer and business problems and empowering teams to deliver elegant design solutions. You’ll shape our culture with your contagious enthusiasm — and that’s what makes you a great leader.

· A track record of partnership building and leadership of design teams that span research, strategy, and execution.

· A comprehensive portfolio with examples that showcase your storytelling capabilities, demonstrate design leadership and strategic vision, and show how you have influenced partners and teams to arrive at compelling product solutions.

· A deep understanding of human-centered design, UX practices, and building high-performing teams that balance design skill sets.

· A critical eye for exceptional design quality, and effective practices in delivering design critique and growth feedback to your team.

This role can be performed in a hybrid location capacity, meaning a mix of in person and remote work arrangements.

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