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Sum of Eight k

London, United Kingdom

Jul 19
Job Description

We are launching a new modular, sustainable and gender neutral fashion brand called Sum of Eight (SO8) and are looking to collaborate with an up-and-coming fashion photographer!

SO8 is the daughter of our existing brand Alöe, a 20 year old luxury loungewear company:

We will be making a new promo studio film for SO8 in mid August to pitch to marketing agencies and investors.

Our film director is the brilliant Jing Zhao… this link is to a short film she made for Madame Figaro China

The photographer who will work on this project will take creative stills of the film and will need to be able to work with studio flash lighting.

The photos will be shown to investors and posted on social media and will be credited with links to your social media/online portfolio, giving you excellent industry exposure.

We are also collaborating with some high profile singers and social media influencers including the likes of Goldie.

As these are promotional photos this particular job will be unpaid, but made up for in experience and exposure, with scope for further paid jobs in the future.

Since this is an unpaid internship, you will retain ownership and rights to all photographs and you will be allowed to include them in your portfolio and use them for your own purposes in perpetuity.

If you are interested, please submit some of your work for our consideration to the email: