Job Description

Find what drives you on a team with a passion for discovery, determination, and innovation. As a growing startup, Makelab thrives on helping our customers achieve their visions and get their products to market faster. We serve a wide range of markets, so if your interests lie along the spectrum of Design, engineering, and the game changing additive manufacturing technologies you'll find a rewarding role here. For the naturally ambitious, Makelab is a place where you can thrive and amplify your impact on the world.

Makelab is seeking a creative and results-oriented General Manager, to lead our team from our Brooklyn, NY additive manufacturing site. This is your opportunity to take an active role in discovering and mastering next-generation technologies and deliver a first class service to our fast-growing industrial design clientele.

You’re a people person who enjoys nurturing talent and teaching others. Getting things done, and done well, is something you enjoy, but you also enjoy the journey to get there. 3D printing excites you and the possibility of working with new clients and new projects every day, with new sets of challenges that need to be creatively solved, is something that does not tire you out. You enjoy cultivating a culture of inclusivity and getting to know the people you interact with every day. No roadblock can’t be unblocked, no problem any size can’t be solved. Putting together and nurturing the right teams that together, can achieve goals, is a big motivator for you. You’ve got a technical background, but also really enjoy the people part of work.

-Provide daily guidance and day-to-day direction and assistance to the team, including but not limited to, orientation, training and supervision of department staff; assisting with the performance evaluation process; ensuring consistent use of all applicable policies and procedures; and applying performance management.
-Ensure that overall shop cleanliness and organization is kept.
-Organize & maintain systems needed for daily operations- inventories, databases, file systems, order systems, playbooks, wiki's, etc.
-Oversee & assist with change management in workplace, workflow, and procedures to ensure proper transitions and guidance to team.
-Ensure that workflows, projects, and orders are carried out & completed, per customer requests & to Makelab high quality standards.
-When needed, contact partners & manufacturers to troubleshoot errors & issues
-Define & track quarterly and annual goals and align with company and department goals
-Assist with projects, research and other duties as assigned by the senior leadership.
-Handle customer support escalation cases & tickets
-Enforce lab safety rules and procedures, share best practices, and supervise team + intern equipment use as needed
-Stay current on all safety lab practices and procedures
-Oversee and coordinate the development of training processes for team members in the form of written/electronic documentation and tutorials for standard lab operations
-Manage budgets & spending for daily operations & inventory
-Cultivate highly collaborative working relationships with team to ensure that projects are managed in accordance with Makelab's standard practices
-Promote, nurture, and advance a welcoming, diverse, and inclusive learning & creative environment.

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Makelab was born out of a need to 3D print. Christina & Manny started out as Industrial Designers from Pratt, freelancing and working with clients to develop their product ideas and concepts. They found the need to 3D print a lot, and tried many methods of doing so. They bought a machine to 3D print internally and also tried outsourcing to online AM service platforms, only to realize that both methods were too slow, disconnected, unreliable, and difficult. They found a local business, 3DUniPrint. They loved it so much, Christina & Manny became their top customer in 2016. A year later, they acquired 3DUniPrint and rebranded the business to Makelab.

Ever since, Christina and Manny have made it Makelab's mission to make product development easier, faster, and overall better.

We know the importance of weaving in that human, customer-centric approach into the DNA of Makelab. Makelab is at the junction of creativity and creation. We support our customers' businesses and empower their projects. We choose to go the extra mile for our customers and really connect those dots for them.

The entire team comes from varying backgrounds, but we have a few things in common- we're all extremely hard-working, driven to deliver the vision, team-oriented, and process-driven. We like to make things repeatable, and we bond over creative problem solving at work (and dogs) (and food).