Head of Design & Research

Wave Money k

Yangon, Myanmar

May 30
Job Description

Wave Money is the leading fintech company in Myanmar, and is currently serving millions of customers monthly. The Head of Design and Research will build and lead the design practice of Wave Money. The Head of Design and Research will create the competency in the company to design products and services that make financial services and other use cases work for customers.
The strategy of the company is to be at the centre of the digital life of its customers. To do this, we need to build products that will serve the various digital needs of our target customers. This approach employs design methods to test and validate the core elements of the value proposition before investing in costly systems development and scale up. The design phase has three steps:
- Positioning. This entails research and assessment of customer demand and core drivers of operational feasibility. The effort will produce an initial value proposition hypothesis for testing in the next phase. The Team will be gathered, workplan and budget finalized, and a business model framework developed.
- Design and Test the Value Proposition. This entails iterative testing and refinement of the core elements of the value proposition. This part of the workplan consumes the bulk of time and resources and involves many simultaneous tests of prototypes directly with the customer segment. Final validation of the value proposition is based on evidence of customer demand for the value proposition, for its operational feasibility and commercial scalability.
- Finalize for Scale Up. Once the core elements have been designed and validated, they will be operationalized and integrated into Wave Money systems and procedures. Any external relationships will be secured. The business plan will be finalized. And the business line scale up will be resourced with staff and funding.

Key Assumptions:
- It’s about more than the app. The customer experience has to make daily financial life easier, be aspirational, and go viral.
- Good design comes through iterative and fast testing with the customer.
- Design validation comes before final systems development and financial projections.

The initiative must be positioned and resourced for innovation:
- A core team of young, tech savvy people with skills in business analysis, product testing, mass market sales, distribution management;
- Short term consultants for user experience (UX) design, product prototyping, and possibly agent network management;
- State of the art technology platform with full stack development done inhouse.

• Manage the design processes of Wave Money. This will include developing language, culture and metrics for the company’s design competency.
• Ensure that workstream teams are organized and resourced to develop services that deliver value to customers.
• Provide intellectual and strategic leadership in management decisions
• Access external expertise as required to resource initiatives
• Build a visual library to support communication of its work.
• Ensure consistency in UX and UI dimensions of products and services. This will include an appropriately structured design pattern library.
• Lead guidance on decisions about creating an IT platform capable of supporting the UX/UI requirements of the company.
• Develop a structured practice around customer feedback loops and channeling qualitative UX information into design decisions.
• Manage relationships across customer delivery channels to support elevated product and service delivery across the organization

Job Requirements
- Customer Satisfaction & Product Efficacy – Demonstrate continuous improvement to customer experience across digital product (across product construct, interface and service design). - -- Measurement / metrics TBD, though may include product adoption rates, rate of churn / retention, customer satisfaction.
- Project Delivery – Establish clear and repeatable design and delivery practices across relevant teams. Measured by projects initiated (both product and other) and product design delivered relative to overall team scoping and delivery milestones (withholding adjustments according to technical, regulatory or business constraints).
- Product Distinction – Lead the design of exemplary products and services that establish a precedent for the Myanmar market. Measured via exploration of distinctive product constructs, technical solutions and service / digital design features for each project.
- Practice & Culture – Solidify a practice of customer-centricity, collaborative work and open critique across the company. Measured by increased adoption of customer-centric practices within teams (e.g. customer feedback loops informing product, prototyping). Tactics include hiring for / training hires on human-centered design, defining projects according to behavior and motivation of customers (rather than the company's needs or competitors moves in the marketplace), modeling the team’s behavior accordingly.

• The Head of Design and Research will report directly to the Director, Product & Business Analytics.

Wave Money

Wave Money is a joint venture between the Norwegian telecommunications company Telenor and local conglomerate Yoma Group to provide accessible, safe and convenient mobile financial services via a nationwide agent network or via a WavePay on your phone. Wave Money offers you instant, safe and convenient way of sending and receiving money, bringing financial inclusion to all. Together, we will empower communities, improve people’s lives, and help grow Myanmar’s economy.