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Fontana, CA

May 3
Job Description

The Industrial Designer is part of the global design team that is responsible for research, design of form/function and execution of Baby Trends next generation of branded products across all juvenile categories. This position requires a background and knowledge in designing products for the mass market, understanding the product development process and timelines, overseas manufacturing, collaborating and communicating within a team based environment to bring products to market on time.

Roles And Responsibilities


Identify, design and develop new and original products, directions and opportunities across all categories under the Baby Trend brands that are infused with innovation and differentiation, and continually thinking about patent-able ideas that can drive competitive advantage to the brand.
Ability to evaluate, manage, modify and revise existing products and provide recommendations for continual improvement, or as customer and business needs changes.
Flexible, problem solver with the ability to quickly adapt to an ever changing environment and able to pivot on designs when necessary
Human centered design. Continuously thinking, designing and developing ideas that benefits the end user, but at the same time designing products that has great appeal to the parents/purchaser
Strong sketching and 2D visualization skills
Strong skills in 3D CAD applications (Solidworks, Rhino, Alias, or other 3D surface modeling packages)
Continually manage, communicate and revise design changes as the product evolves throughout the development process while tracking and managing product development timelines
Strong understanding of DFM (Design for Manufacturing), and ability to develop clear and concise technical product/ID specifications, product requirements and CMF (Colors, Materials and Finishes)
May at times require designer to develop bread boards and rough concept models to problem solve and validate complex designs
Familiarity, or take initiative to learn textiles and sewn products, and closely collaborate with Fashion team to ensure cohesion and consistency of product as a whole
Drive and manage product prototypes to pre-production development with external/overseas vendors and factories with ability to make necessary changes to products without affecting or compromising on cost, performance, or function
Self manage project timelines to meet deadlines, and have the ability to quickly react, communicate and summarize issues that arise, and working diligently with team to resolve outstanding issues
Continually drive new and existing design projects and process from concept to production
Able to work in a fast paced environment, continually prioritizing workloads and delivering outstanding design work within given deadlines
Thorough understanding of Baby Trend’s product categories and target consumer

Research, translate and apply consumer insights into compelling, purposeful and innovative design solutions through scientific and child development journals, customer reviews and
Knowledgeable about child development milestones both physical and emotional.
Understanding and application of human/baby factors and ergonomics into each concepts that are developed
Awareness of current and future trends that spans across various industries and ability to distill trends that has relevance to develop new innovations and concepts under the Baby Trend brand
Effectively utilize research tools such as Qualtrics to gain deeper understanding of
Continuous review of markets both online and physical
Understanding similarities and differences in the global market
Collaboration and Communication
Collaborate directly with members of the design team to ensure consistency of brand, design and language across all product lines
Ability to communicate design intent, purpose and perspectives with internal team, overseas partners, vendors and factories in the development of each product:
Product Mgmt/Marketing – collaborate to position product in the correct consumer context and develop insights that differentiate BT’s product concepts.
Engineering – work alongside throughout the development process from concept feasibility to full integration of design as products are developed from concept to production.
Fashion Team – Collaborate, coordinate and drive designs so both hardware and soft goods have a consistent design aesthetic, color and language
Quality team – Continually review, revise, follow up and confirm product designs meet global quality and regulatory standards from concept to production
Willingness to work with overseas manufacturing and engineering teams in communicating across language and cultural barriers. Knowledge of juvenile product category standards, engineering and manufacturing practices, and able to continually follow up and track design changes and revisions throughout the development process.
Travel to overseas factories when needed, working directly with teams in the far east
Experience working within team based environment, and working with strong and varied personalities.
Possess an open mind, and flexibility on designs that benefits the product and the business
Ability to defend designs when necessary, but yield to facts and data
Seniority Level
Mid-Senior level

Consumer Goods
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