Job Description

Do you like following a design project through from beginning to end? Are you an innovative Industrial Designer who gets excited about creating new products? Then you may be just the right fit for our open industrial designer position at Food Fight.

Our company prides itself on designing and producing innovative products with practical purposes to make life easier for the consumer. This industrial designer position will focus on mostly, but not limited to, kitchenware and kitchen accessories. Reporting to the Product Manager(s), the industrial designer will be responsible for everything from the initial concept and design to the revisions/improvements and subsequent technical drawings for manufacturing implementation of the product.

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Job Responsibilities

· Research industry literature and build a knowledge base of product history and trends which will lead to new product design ideas
· Work with product managers to understand design parameters within defined product categories and research the demographics of consumer product use
· Create preliminary artistic drawings in the form of illustrations and storyboards of product concepts, present them to Product Managers for feedback and creatively use the feedback to refine product design
· Use SolidWorks CAD software to refine designs and create virtual models of products
· In some cases, utilize 3D printing to create product prototypes that are both non-functional and working to evaluate their practicality
· Collaborate with Product Development team to evaluate product prototypes to determine production feasibility and costs
· Utilize computer-aided industrial design (CAID) software to present to Product Development department and instruct factories how to build the finalized product design

Job Skills & Qualifications


· An analytical thinker who is energized by solving problems through design
· Degree in industrial design
· 3 years experience in Industrial Design and technology
· Robust CAD skills, especially in SolidWorks
· Knowledge of Design techniques and tools involved in the production of technical plans, drawings, and models.
· Independent thinker and worker who can easily adapt to a team approach
· Clear understanding of materials and manufacturing processes
· Ability to work with multiple priorities and meet deadlines
· Reliable, responsible, and organized
· Excellent communication skills and proficient with English language
· Team player with a commitment to ensure team succeeds with tasks, duties, and projects


· CAID design and 3D printing experience
· Knowledge of product engineering
· Knowledge of production machines and tooling requirements, limitations, and costing

Job Responsibilities

· Consult with Product Manager(s) to determine requirements for designs
· Examine materials and manufacturing process to determine production costs
· Present designs and demonstrate prototypes to development team
· Work with other specialists to evaluate the accuracy of design concepts
· Draft ideas to get a better visual of design components

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Foodfight, Ltd

We are a boutique marketing agency with a global team with decades of experience specializing in product design and development, innovation logistics, branding, sales, culinary, and account management.

Product Development
Our global team has decades of experience in designing appliances, cookware, bakeware, utensils, and gadgets. Everything Foodfight brings to market is rigorously tested in-house by our culinary team of chefs.

Test Kitchen
Foodfight’s in-house culinary team of six dedicated full-time chefs are integral to our product development process. Our culinary team is involved in every step of the process, from ideation to final prototype stages, as well as providing additional consumer value by creating and testing recipes sold with our products.