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Kitchen Designer/Sales manager in Person at NYC showroom

L'Atelier Paris Haute Design k

New York, NY

Jun 6
Job Description

At L'Atelier Paris, we specialize in high end custom cabinetry, starting with the design of custom cooking ranges. We value and cultivate long-standing relationships with our clients and our associates. We work in a highly creative environment that values each associate’s contribution toward delivering beautiful, innovative, luxury products where each client project is unique, while providing superior customer service.

- Manage all phases of client projects (initial meeting, design, product specifications, MEP details, remote coordination with projects GC's & clients team)

- 2-5 years of design and sales experience in the high-end, luxury brand environment

- Exceptional communications skills, both verbal and written

- Ability to listen and translate client’s needs into sales
- Self -motivated and possess the ability to manage multiple tasks and projects simultaneously

*AutoCad Proficiency is a MUST, please do not apply if you do not qualify*

Application Details

Looking for a designer/sales manager for our NYC showroom

L'Atelier Paris Haute Design

L’Atelier Paris Haute Design is among the foremost creators of custom kitchens. As inspiration, France elevates all we do to create kitchens that will transport you to a time and place where cooking transcends into an art form.
We manufacture custom cooking ranges, cabinetry, furniture, sinks, all custom made to the fraction of the inch based on clients needs.