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Marketing Manager for Type Foundry

Newlyn Works Limited k

This is a Remote Position

Oct 14
Job Description

Newlyn is a type foundry that is known for its deep understanding of international brands.

Miles Newlyn creates, markets and sells retail (self initiated, non-exclusive) and custom (commissioned, exclusive) fonts with a wide variety of licensing options. Miles is developing a comprehensive marketing strategy and workflow and so is looking to hire a part time marketing manager to help maintain and improve the relationship with our licensees, and reach a broader audience.

We intend to achieve this by improving:

Key customer journeys
– Visit the site and explore the tone, features, and rationale of the font families
– Advertising, Instagram posts & stories
– Email newsletter
– Better emails from purchasing font licences or downloading trial fonts
– Reading about Newlyn fonts, Miles’ credentials and articles about type design & execution on or elsewhere on the web
– Learning and understand appropriate licensing for customer needs

Key admin journeys
– Keep abreast of new orders and customers, ongoing CRM (customer relationship management)
– Ongoing social media posts
– Create and post on blog (/news)
– Create and send marketing emails (eg: newsletter)
– Identify and develop PR opportunities (articles, podcasts, conferences, etc)

Areas of focus
– Creation and implementation of: marketing strategy, operational workflows, analysis / ongoing improvement
– Responsive & branded HTML emails (transactional emails via Sendinblue)
– Coupons / discounts
– Compatible with analytics: Facebook Tracking, Sendinblue automation

CRM & Email marketing
– Richer understanding of customers and their behaviour
– Management of customers, orders and licenses
– sort and filter by what’s useful to Miles
– Build responsive & branded HTML email templates with considered authoring workflow

Desired working process
– We’re keen to work holistically and collaboratively to ensure that everything we do (web, social, ads, etc) is thoughtfully considered.
– Short weekly meetings with next steps and decisions clearly discussed
– Shared tracker for WiP, issues, bugs, etc
– We’re ready to start immediately

Newlyn Works Limited

Dedicated to helping agencies achieve great, award-winning work for the clients, Newlyn is focussed on creating typographic voices for the biggest and best businesses. From Zaha Hadid to the Tate Gallery, his work has helped put clients at the heart of contemporary culture.

It’s our belief that the right typeface, combined with colour and scale, gives businesses a fresh voice that can communicate more in less time than any other method. This property has never been more useful or relevant than right now.

What makes Newlyn different from most foundries is our unique perspective on brand typography arising from the parallel disciplines of logo and type design. As the speed of business and the exchange of ideas continues to increase, it’s our hope that this perspective continues to benefit the creatives we work with.