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Marketing and Design Specialist

Texas A&M Forest Service k

College Station, TX

Aug 19
Job Description

The Marketing and Design Specialist provides program-specific expertise in graphic design, marketing, media relations, branding and story-telling for the Forest Resource Development Division. Work with department staff to further the program delivery efforts efficiently and effectively. Coordinate and work closely with agency communication staff and coordinate with and provide support when needed to Forest Resource Protection Division staff.

-Provide program-specific expertise in graphic design and marketing for the Forest Resource Development Division including service as point of contact for website content.

-Provide program-specific expertise in story-telling and media relations to increase visibility of Forest Resource Development Division initiatives and accomplishments.

-Work with Forest Resource Development staff to enhance program delivery efforts in line with agency mission efficiently and effectively.

-Coordinate with agency communication staff and Forest Resource Protection staff and provide support to same when needed.

-Other duties as assigned.

Education and Experience:
Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, Marketing, Public Relations, English, Journalism or related field.

Preferred Education: Master's degree in Graphic Design, Marketing, Public Relations, English, Journalism or related field.
Required Experience: Two years in graphic design, marketing, public relations, English, journalism or related field.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Required Knowledge: Adobe Creative Suite
Required Ability: Multi-task and work cooperatively with others.

Required Skills: Excellent writing, editing and communication skills.

Registrations, Certifications, and Licenses:
Valid Texas driver’s license.

Applicant Instructions:

A resume and references are REQUIRED to be uploaded to application. Certifications are preferred to be uploaded to the application. Documents/certifications can be uploaded in the "My Experience" page in the "Resume/CV section. More than one document can be uploaded; just click the "Upload" button for each document. Documents can only be loaded at this time and cannot be uploaded once the application is submitted. If there are any issues uploading documents, please contact 979-458-6690. Please check your spam folder in case more information is sent in regards to this position.

Application Details

When applying for this position on the listed URL, please look for the position title: Program Specialist II - Marketing & Design.

Texas A&M Forest Service

Texas A&M Forest Service conserves and protects the resources and lands of the Lone Star State.

Conserving Texas’ trees and forests, the state agency helps property owners maintain land and natural resources to ensure forest-lands remain productive and healthy not only for the environment, but for generations of Texans to come.

TFS is also one of the lead agencies for incident management in the state. From the initial response to ongoing recovery, the agency strives to protect Texas from wildfire and other types of disasters. TFS does this by not only fighting wildfire and responding to incidents, but also by building capacity and increasing public awareness about community protection and wildfire prevention.

In partnership with other agencies, local governments and fire departments, TFS provides programs to aid communities across the state, giving them tools and resources to actively protect themselves and their properties.