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Deep Dream

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Oct 18
Job Description

Hi Team!

We are Deep Dream, an online mattress brand that hate the idea of mattresses being "One-size-fits-all" which is what most online mattress brands advertise today.

"we all have different dreams, so why should our mattresses be the same?"

Deep Dream believes mattress should be tailored to different people with different sleep positions, preference and needs. That's why we have created 4 different mattresses:

2/10 firmness - Soft mattress (for side sleeper)

4/10 firmness - Medium mattress (for side sleeper)

6/10 firmness - Mid-Firm mattress (for back & tummy sleepers)

8/10 firmness - Firm mattress (for back & tummy sleepers)

We are looking for design partner to create the outer look of our mattresses (aesthetics only) so that they align with our brand, translate our idea to life and most importantly a design that stands out from the crowd (everyone has the same design) and can be mass-manufactured.


* we already have manufacturers for mass produced

* engineering / product specifications have been figured out

* we just need the outer look / aesthetics of the mattress

Design required:

* to stand out from the crowd

* to be able to differentiate between the 4 models

* to be able to mass-manufactured

* aligned with our brand

Would love to get into a call and get things started.