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Mechanical Design Engineer

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San Francisco, CA

Sep 27
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Peak Design has traditionally made both hard goods and soft goods (think tripods and backpacks) and recently has made its first foray into electronics as part of our mobile ecosystem. We are currently looking to fill two Mechanical Engineering roles at Peak Design:

Mechanical Design Engineer (Tripod): In 2019 we released the world’s most successful Travel Tripod, and we called it… the Peak Design Travel Tripod. We spent 4 years developing it, and our customers have gone absolutely bananas over it. Check it out here. We are currently developing new tripods to expand our range of offerings in this hugely important product category. In this role, you would work with a small team of engineers and designers to develop, test, and manufacture the next generation of Peak Design tripods to cement our market dominance in the photo/video tripod world. You’d have significant ownership of complex mechanisms and subassemblies that require a borderline-fanatical focus on finding the right blend of functionality, user experience, aesthetics, weight, strength, stiffness, and cost. In other words, tripods are a whole lot of fun to design.

Mechanical Design Engineer (Mobile): In 2021 we released a revolutionary line of mobile phone cases and mounting solutions that we call, simply, Mobile. This line of products came from a significant R&D investment from our design team over the last few years and is just at the start of its journey into the market. This is an engineering role focused on mechanical development and testing of new products in this exciting new line. Day to day, you will own the mechanical development of new and existing products on this fast-paced and ever-changing roadmap.

Peak Design


Peak Design is a product design company. We make an ever-growing line of durable, sustainably-built bags, travel gear, camera gear, and phone accessories for a wide swath of commuters, creatives, and adventurers. In an increasingly digital world, we think it’s pretty rad to make actual physical things that people use (and love—our customers tend to be loyal and passionate).

We were born on Kickstarter, and we continue to launch products there. We have no outside investors, which gives us the unique freedom to pursue that which makes us happy. In fact, our company mission statement has a simple preamble: the purpose of Peak Design is to create happy, meaningful lives for our employees.

There are currently 50 of us. We love our jobs, we love each other, and we couldn’t be more stoked for the future of our company. We believe a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds creates a stronger and more creative work environment. We’re committed to equality and inclusivity across race, gender, age, religion, identity, and experience.

We also have lots and lots of fun.