Senior Art Director / UX Direct Response and Brand Designer (Remote, Virtual, U.S. Based)

Metabolic Living k

Charlotte, NC

Aug 8
Job Description

We’re looking for a world-class Art Director who combines the best of direct response UX design with branded storytelling design to help us scale our new brand… all from the comfort of your own home.
This is your opportunity to join the high-performance creative team we’ve been building to lead our charge into the rapidly exploding $250+ billion health and wellness field. We’re building the first billion-dollar brand that’s 100% virtual… and need your help.
If you thrive in a performance-based, advertising-driven environment and…
• You consider digital brand storytelling design to be your biggest strength…
• You’re a jack-of-all trades in graphic design, photography, video, motion graphics, etc.
• You’re addicted to the rush you get when you see the results your work generates…
• You’re obsessed with user behavior and strategic UX design…
• You can easily toggle between website, digital ads, print and video projects…
• You know how to balance beautiful design with conversion rate optimize to drive results…
• You can work with different departments and spin a lot of plates without losing focus…
• You’re a hands-on grinder and love rolling up your sleeves to perfect your work…
Then please read on as you’re the needle in the haystack we’re looking for.
To summarize the key points:
• Salary: $90,000 - $120,000
• Location: 100% Remote (we have virtual team of 50+ with no corporate office)
• Benefits: Full Insurance (health, dental & long-term disability) + Robust 401k
• Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 (preferably Eastern time but flexible)
• Culture: High-Performance but Humble (no jerks)
Why Are We Hiring this Position Now?
Because we’re growing so rapidly that agencies can’t keep up with us anymore. Our new path to achieve our billion-dollar goal is to build a world-class team of strategic creatives in-house who GET our mission and can execute at the pace and quality we need.
Then, we can cycle ideas, designs and creatives faster, more efficiently and with better results. You’ll be right in the center of the action, working directly with the company co-founders and the Heads of our Content, e-Commerce and Funnel teams.
Who is This Opportunity Perfect for?
Anybody who is ready for their next growth opportunity who might relate to any of these:
If you’re tired of the commute, sick of burning the midnight oil, stress is dominating your life, and the cost of real estate is eating up your retirement, this is your opportunity to take back control, live life under your own terms and design a lifestyle that brings you joy, happiness and satisfaction.
Or, if you’re drowning in agency work, frenetically jumping from one account to the next, putting out fires, and getting eaten up with too much on your plate, this is your opportunity to simplify, focus and go deep – to pour your heart and soul into ONE big opportunity… and scale it like never before.
Or, if you’re buried in a big, slow-moving company that doesn’t appreciate the value that a true high-performing, creative art director can bring, that doesn’t understand why the artistic details can actually make a huge difference in campaign performance…. or that thinks “anybody can do this”, this is your opportunity to step into the spotlight, to completely own something that has the full support of the entire organization from top to bottom.
Regardless of your situation, whether you prefer to work in the quiet of your own home, sipping a delicious cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop, or outside enjoying the sunshine on a bright, beautiful day… then please KEEP reading as we can’t wait to meet you.
Who Are We and What’s the Company’s Background?
Our mission is to spread our metabolism-first way of living we’ve been perfecting for 8 years to a worldwide audience. It’s a lifestyle that’s 100% focused on getting you the results that matter: looking your best, feeling your best and doing your best. In the shortest time possible. And in a way that sticks.
That’s why our tag line is “Life’s Short. Make it Count.” It puts you back in control. It empowers you to fix your own problems. And it makes you want to tell the world about it.
Our vision is to do this by becoming a billion-dollar multi-channel brand that’s distributed via online, mobile and physical retail. We’ve been painstakingly building the products, services, framework and high-performance culture to make this happen. And now we’re scaling into a much larger stage.
We’ve built a full ecosystem of products and services that allow someone to live a metabolism-first lifestyle. This includes exercise and nutrition programs, nutraceuticals, functional foods and membership programs. We’re launching a mobile app next year, then will push into offline retail, extend into home-delivered meals and more. But ONE thing at a time, just like we’ve done for 8 years.
Our next major step is rolling out our new Metabolic Living brand and centralized e-commerce website at www.metabolicliving.com, scheduled to be live by November. As part of this, we will consolidate our various product-driven microsites where we drive our media buys like at www.metabolicrenewal.com.
So why is a metabolism-first lifestyle needed? Because there are record amounts of sick, overweight, tired and depressed people piling up in virtually every country. Why? Because we’re over-worked, over-stressed, over-fed and toxic. And we’re deprived of the sleep, nutrition, exercise, movement and relaxation we need to thrive.
Unfortunately, the typical solution of extreme dieting and exercise trap people into a 1-step-forward-2-steps back vicious cycle that makes them worse off. They bounce from one latest flavor-of-the-month program to the next, never making progress… trapped in a downward spiral.
Rigid philosophies like Paleo or Vegan, while extremely healthy for some, create an us-vs-them tribal mentality that’s self-limiting. Neither of those philosophies work for all people all the time… or even the same person all the time. People differ. People change. If that’s not respected, things will backfire.
We, on the other hand, present a framework that allows you to customize your life in a way that works best for you, so you can reach your fullest metabolic potential. Because we’ve found through working with millions of people that a fully optimized metabolism is what delivers the results you want.
What Will You Be Responsible for?
• 100% owning our visual storytelling efforts whether in digital or in print
• Drive all creative projects through all phases of production, edits and final execution
• Create visual design standards for our new brand to ensure consistent visual messaging
• Develop wireframes and designs to bring our new MetabolicLiving.com website to life
• Craft key branding elements from concept to production for digital, print, social, product packaging (and eventually retail once we expand into that channel)
• Design new e-commerce and direct response website funnels to support our $20MM+ annual advertising budget on Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc.
• Collaborate with our Funnel team on conversion rate optimization for our website funnels with new designs, graphics, images, photos, videos, and other visual storytelling elements
• Build out the visual elements for our ad creative, including image, video and email ads
• Craft high-impact infographics with our Content team to drive social media engagement
• Design key print collateral, including product catalogs, package inserts and direct mail
• Lead the setup and direction of photo / video shoots and other key stages of creative production
• Recruit and manage a team of specialized freelancers to fill any gaps in our internal design team including illustrators, animators, photographers, etc.
What Are the Requirements?
• At least 5 years’ experience as a Senior Art Director
• Expert-level proficiency in Adobe skills (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, After Effects)
• Robust integrated portfolio of work in digital design, video and print
• Superior graphic design skills with an eye for pixel-perfect design that tells powerful stories
• Combines a highly analytical and creative skill set with superior organizational skills to drive crisp, clean and effective execution on campaign ideas
• Robust understanding of user behavior, UX design, print and digital page layout, wireframe and funnel design for direct response and brand design
• Deep, intimate understanding of how to build direct response funnels that amplifies copy with high-impact art design driving consumer behavior toward a desired action
• Strong project manager with a knack for getting things done with an intense drive to optimize production workflows to deliver projects on-time, on-spec
• Excels at pattern recognition to identify key traits in successful competitor ad campaigns with the ability to synthesize those insights and produce new concepts
• Enjoys the grind of relentless trial-and-error experimentation to achieve winning creative when working to “beat the control” on website funnel and advertising campaign design
• You love to win, obsess over the details, plus you have an incredible drive towards excellence in everything you do and a sense of ownership to whatever it takes
• Persistent desire for pouring through reams of ideas, B-roll, and stock images/video to spot the needle in the haystack and identify the perfect assets that tell the most powerful story
• An unquenchable thirst for self-improvement, for constantly next-leveling yourself, optimizing your daily routine, your job, your team and working relationships
• Extremely comfortable with Excel and other data visualization / analytics programs

Metabolic Living

Our mission is to spread our metabolism-first way of living we’ve been busy perfecting for 8 years to a worldwide audience. It’s a lifestyle that’s 100% focused on getting you the results that matter: looking your best, feeling your best and doing your best. In the shortest time possible. And in a way that sticks.