Job Description

Job Description
We need to tell the story of our product innovations and their benefits, but also their role for our brand and for our customers. In this role, you will lead the planning and production of all content creation to drive the overall brand marketing plan, oversee the mapping of the consumer journey and the content needs for the Freight Farms Digital ecosystem, and curate the right message and content for the right audience and channel. This is an exciting opportunity to work across design, product and marketing to translate highly engineered products into sharp and impactful customer facing stories.

-Understand the process of product development, planning and managing a roadmap and taking a project from the internal to the external audience.
-Work with the marketing team on the overall plan and required content by channel by month.
-Design creative sales materials including brochures, event flyers, infographics, email templates, one-pagers, event signage, advertisements and website material.
-Plan the schedule, budget and production of our content.
-Create video and static work.
-Manage an external network of freelancers.
-Be our digital expert, aware of the latest trends, insights and ways to engage our consumer.
-Drive the digital strategy and input to overall brand and product strategy plans.
-Accountable for owning, building and managing seasonal digital activation calendars.
-Accountable for driving meaningful CRM integration into the seasonal planning process to ensure that CRM is considered strategically end to end.
-Ensure the team considers localization opportunities, including key region or customer requirements in campaign consumer journey plans.

-Creative to the core.
-Superb verbal, visual and written communication skills.
-Ability to work in a fast-paced setting under tight deadlines with strong project management and time management skills.
-Strong understanding of design methodologies, user experience/interface design, and corporate identity/branding.
-Digital native experience of how to flow content through multi-channel plans to create a seamless experience across all consumer touchpoints.
-Experience of launching new products.
-Experience with product development and product marketing, with a focus on translating product development into marketing strategies.
-Highly skilled in Adobe Creative Suite, Squarespace, videography and photo editing with the ability to produce high quality video and static.
-Four-year college or university degree, preferably in a Marketing discipline.
-10+ years digital marketing experience with the ability to create and produce independently.
-Progressive experience planning and delivering world class digital content.
-Working knowledge of digital strategy and tactics.

Application Details

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Freight Farms

Freight Farms was incorporated in 2013 by Brad McNamara and Jon Friedman, who saw a need for urban agriculture to emerge as a competitive industry in the food landscape. They began in 2010 by focusing on rooftop greenhouses, but quickly realized that, to achieve their goals, they needed a modular and scalable solution. In an effort to cut down on costs and logistics, Brad and Jon began to seriously consider building their new technology inside shipping containers. Not only were containers widely available, but they would allow farms to exist in areas that couldn't support traditional methods. As a result, Freight Farms was born with the mission of building the infrastructure and technology that can allow local food to thrive.

When Brad and Jon started Freight Farms, there was no "Ag Tech" industry - they weren't even sure how to explain the concept to friends and family! Fast forward to 2020. Agriculture technology has emerged as a fast-growing industry with Freight Farms at the forefront. Not only was Freight Farms one of the first companies to emerge as an Ag Tech leader, but it was the first to build a farm inside of a shipping container, and - with the launch of the Greenery™ in 2019 - the first to iterate on the original design.

Here at Freight Farms, we have a passionate customer base of small businesses, entrepreneurs, traditional farmers, hotels and restaurants, corporate campuses, universities, and non-profits. Every day, we are working on new technology to modernize farming and bring transparency to the food industry.

Today, we have Freight Farmers around the world: snowy Canadian wildernesses, Middle Eastern deserts, concrete urban jungles, and everything in between. While our Freight Farmers have different backgrounds, they all want to shorten the distance that food travels from farm to table. Our farmers rely on container farms as a source of high-quality and sustainable produce, 365 days a year.

As a group, we are dedicated to viewing our business, values, hiring, company culture, and farmer community through the lens of diversity, inclusion and justice. In June 2020, Freight Farms created Open Doors in order to use and amplify our voices to uplift our community. With time, empathy, knowledge, and introspection, we want to create a change. The following is a promise to our farmers and the wider urban farming community:

To embrace and seek greater inclusivity and diversity of all kinds within the company and our industry, we will:

1. AMPLIFY, EMPOWER, INSPIRE. Building an inclusive and diverse farmer community starts by sharing the stories and wisdom of Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, and LGBTQA+ farmers. It is through these stories that we will empower future farmers.

2. EDUCATE. We can’t change what we don’t know. The Freight Farms team will stay inquisitive and engaged in the past, present, and future of agricultural, food, and urban farming policies. We will share our growing knowledge and awareness with the greater Freight Farms community.

3. SUPPORT. We will actively support aspiring Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, and LGBTQA+ individuals in their search to find the right financial resources. It is our duty to serve these groups as they work to overcome the systemic hurdles that prevent them from farming.

4. EVOLVE. We will work tirelessly to create effective and affordable farming solutions so that anyone, anywhere can bring the joy of good food to their communities.

To apply, please head to our website Applicants are required to submit a resume and a brief 2 minute video submission telling us who you are and why you want to work with Freight Farms. All creative &marketing positions are required to submit a portfolio. We look forward to hearing from you!

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