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Senior Designer

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Los Altos, CA

Jun 7
Job Description

The role of the Senior Designer is to assist the Principal Designer in creating and executing design plans for the firm's projects by working in tandem with the design team, including a junior designer and project manager.

Responsibilities include are but are not limited to:

The senior designer is the primary liaison with clients, vendors, and subcontractors.
Assist Principal Designer in creating and executing a comprehensive design plan for all current and future design projects.
Co-host meetings with the Design and Architecture Team to offer project status and discuss and solve challenges while acknowledging accomplishments.
Researching, shopping, and purveying various textiles, wallcovering, flooring, furniture, lighting, materials, etc., as directed by the Principal.
Create and build client presentation boards and propose them to the Principal Designer for approval
Execute all design decisions by gathering all pricing and specifications, generating proposals to be reviewed Principal Designer and submitted to clients.
Oversee the purchase process from concept to installation in collaboration with our production and accounting teams.
Creating or adjusting CAD floor/ furniture plans, elevations, RCPs, and any required drawings or renderings that may be necessary for any given project.
Coordinate, supervise, schedule, and execute all project installations.
Schedule and book your appointments and add them to the BHD Master calendar. Any group meetings will need to be coordinated by the EA to confirm the Principal Designer's schedule
Use best discretion and confidence to find resolutions for scheduling, communication challenges, installations, etc.
Generate, maintain and update any required materials schedules (Paint, Hardware, Tile, Stone, Plumbing, etc.)
Site visits and meetings with vendors, sub-contractors, and craftspeople as required to estimate and supervise the work we need.

NOTE: Some projects will be delegated to the Junior and Senior separately, on a to-be-determined basis

Preferred Qualifications:

8 - 10 years of experience as a Designer
Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal
Highly effective at quick and independent decision making
Practical time management skills and the ability to toggle from independent projects to teamwork as needed
Ability to conceive & communicate strategic and tactical concepts
Strong working knowledge of Pinterest, HOUZZ
Proficiency with Excel, G Suite
Certification or Degree in Interior Design

Desirable Qualifications but not a requirement:

Proficiency with AutoCAD

Application Details

For consideration please submit a current resume and portfolio or work samples that demonstrate both design work and working drawings in a PDF file format. Please also provide a list of references.

Brownhouse Design

Brownhouse Design is a boutique firm full of creative, entrepreneurial, passionate, and skilled creatives led by founder and Principal Designer, Julie Brown.

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