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Senior Designer

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Auckland, New Zealand

Jul 6
Job Description

Join our team and help us develop new product solutions in the robotic and automated technology space.

Job Purpose and Objectives

Crown Robotic Technology Centre is seeking an experienced, self-motivated Designer to join their team of Developers located in Auckland, New Zealand. The Senior Designer at Crown RTC will be responsible for assisting with the development of highly innovative products in the areas of software, automation, and robotics technology.

The primary role of the Senior Designer is to provide in-house development teams with the experience and design expertise to create rewarding product experiences.

This position is primarily focused on Product Design but requires a blend of both Industrial Design and Interaction Design (IXD) skills.

• As an Industrial Designer, this role is responsible for crafting the holistic vision for the product. You will help guide cross-functional teams by providing input to the form and function of on-vehicle hardware, vehicle behaviour, and user interaction.
• As an Interaction Designer, this role is responsible for research, conceptualization, and development for the company’s embedded information technology. Some example software products include lift truck interfaces, web, and hosted applications.

As a member of the Global Design Team at Crown, the Senior Designer will work closely with other development teams located in China, Germany, and the United States. Leveraging remote resources and working collaboratively on strategic international projects will be a key part of this role.

The position reports locally to the Manager of Systems Development at Crown RTC, with a dotted line to a Design Lead remotely located in New Bremen, Ohio, USA.

Minimum Requirements

The ideal candidate would demonstrate the understanding and experience necessary to bring products to market in a realistic and timely manner.

They should be able to leverage their previous product development experience to help teams reach appropriate decisions and act as a mentor or example for other employees.

The Senior Designer must be a good storyteller, able to communicate problems and solutions effectively to a diverse audience.

• This role requires a minimum of a Bachelors degree from a well-recognized Tertiary Product/Industrial/Interaction Design program.

• 4-7 years of product development experience

• Able to work effectively with remote management

• Have a portfolio that can demonstrate strong design skills, as well as, conceptual thinking and creative problem solving.

• The position may require travel, including overnight stays and international trips (as restrictions allow).

• The Senior Designer must possess proficiency or have a high aptitude in relevant design software packages that may include Sketch, Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, Fusion 360 and KeyShot.

Key Tasks

Research - 15%
- Conduct primary and secondary research using immersive research techniques as well as observing, interviewing, and videotaping.
- Conduct and synthesize research and other project activities collaboratively with members of the project team.
- Present alternative “prototypes” to customers and stakeholders to identify areas of value.
- Develop an understanding of customer applications and competitor products to support focused concept development.
- Assist with follow-up field evaluation after initial release or product introduction.

Concept Generation - 40%
- Collaborate with team members to create, illustrate, or prototype design concepts.
- Conceptualize new and innovative products or evolutionary updates. Incorporating aspects of product configuration, form/aesthetics, and physical/psychological interfaces between users and products.
- Utilize rapid prototyping techniques to explore concept functionality and value.
- Work with ergonomists to create layouts and prototypes to resolve basic user ergonomics.

Concept Development – 30%
- Support and contribute to the design and development of products, user interfaces, branding layouts, icons, and symbol style guides.
- Work collaboratively and within project schedules to provide effective and timely communications of project insights, goals, and proposed solutions.
- Plan and conduct testing to ensure user needs have been met.

Misc. Support – 15%
- Advise Product Development leadership on any key insight that can add significant value to our products or business.
- Recommend actions to promote company product and brand superiority.
- Support material submission for design competitions.
- Support legal teams with patent issues.
- Conduct research, design, or other special projects on topics of relevance to design, product development, or corporate requests.

Application Details

Please email your cover letter and C.V. to Jacqueline Lewis:

Crown Equipment Limited

Crown Equipment Corporation is one of the largest lift truck and material handling equipment manufacturers in the world. Crown RTC, based in Auckland, is focused on the research and development of autonomous and semi-autonomous features for material handling equipment. We have a diverse team of professionals and a strong culture of cross-functional collaboration. Working here, you will be exposed to a wide range of challenges and be able to test and grow your professional skill set.